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This War Of Mine Mod Apk:Simulation games are very popular as they are very relaxing and calming. Simulation games are usually accompanying management and construction usually. Simulation games are easy to play and do not require any stress. The players are not required to get active and alert in order to play the game.

They can play it for having fun along with peace of mind. These games can be played by children too because of the level of easiness. Teenagers and adults also have them as a favorite genre. These games are loved worldwide and that is why they keep on coming.

This War Of Mine Mod Apk: is a very splendid survival simulation game. It is developed by 11 bit studios. It is unique in a way that this war game does not involves soldiers and troops, rather it focuses on civilians who are in the war and fighting for their survival. They are facing utter shortage of food and supplies.

They cannot go out to search for food in the day time as the snipers do not let them go. So, the player has to go out with one civilian and can only go at night and find food, shelter and things of survival for them. Here the player has to look after the civilians and their needs.

Player has to make sure that the people are properly having all the care in this war time. You will be making decisions of life and death all by your conscience. You will be protecting people by sacrifices and providing them with shelter as in war there is only survival and no good or bad decisions. This game will be letting you test your skills and abilities of decision making and management.

Like every other simulation game, you will be required here too to manage and deal with different things in distinct environment and phases while facing all the challenges and completing all your missions and then making the best survival which is beneficial for the people also. So, this game is full of fun and thrill. There will be hard and tough challenges and situations. So, dive into this war zone and help the poor civilians in this tragic time. This is a very phenomenal and addictive game and can be played by children, teenagers and adults. It can prove to be the best thing you can do in your leisure time. The game is very fantastic and amazing.

This War Of Mine Mod Apk Unlimited Items


Experiencing the Real War Zone

In This War of Mine Apk game, you can experience the real side of war. You can what sort of situations people actually face while in war. How they run out of food, shelter and are not even provided with the basic medical supplies. You can experience the real miseries. The game will be showing the devastated and cruelest scenes that happen during war. So this game truly gives a different experience to the players as they will be managing all the civilians there. You will be so submerged in the addicting scenes of this wonderful game.

Management of survivors and shelter

Here in this game you will be managing your survivors. Sometimes you will be sacrificing your some of the survivors for the sake of long-term survival. This game is full of miseries and at every moment a big decision is to be taken for the best survival. You will be providing shelter to civilians and your people who are skillful and their skills you will be needing. So, you have to make sure that everything is managed properly. You will be making decisions that are sometimes very difficult and emotionally tough experience.


There are resources that you will be having in the game. Sometimes you will be trading your resources to other groups for getting food and supplies. You will also be focusing on weapons, beds, alcohol and stoves.


The theme of the game is very amazingly charcoal stylized in order to give the look which may complement the entire theme of the game. So, you actually get the feel of playing in a war zone.

New Game

There will be totally different world and different characters every time you start a new game. So, you will be getting lots of new experiences and challenges every time you play the game. You will be dealing with new situations every now and then. So, there is no chance that you can get bored of this game.

How to Download

To download This War of Mine Apk game, you have to follow some very simple steps:

Get your phone and open settings.

Now go in security option and enable the unknown resources from there if you have not enabled previously.

Now go to the website where there is downloading link present for This War of Mine Apk.

Now wait for the game to be downloaded, it will not take more than 10 minutes.

Now once it has downloaded, you can simply launch it from the menu of your phone.

Your game can now be played on your phone. You are now all set to play your favorite game.


Q. Can I play this game on my smartphone?

Yes, you can surely play This War of Mine Apk on your smartphone. This game can be played on the android smartphones.

Q. Is this game easy to play?

This War of Mine Apk involves strategy and skills of decision making. It is not difficult to play but it does require intelligence as you have to do the survival and play the game very smartly.

Q. Is this game free?

Yes, this game is free to play. You can access it freely. However, there do exists a paid Mod version which gives you extra resources and features.

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