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Simple rockets is a simulation game in which you can create your own spacecraft with different abilities. There are almost 30 different parts in this game that you can modify and add to your spacecraft. You can easily select the size and abilities of a spacecraft and Launch It in space. There are different orbits and planets that you can explore in this game and you can even fly your spacecraft to check their abilities. This game features a lot of challenges that will help you to add new features to your spacecraft.

There is also an option to save your designs so that you can use them later. It also features realistic physics which means you can damage your aircrafts if you collide with any of the planets or orbits moving around.

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Simplerockets 2 is a game in which you can design and create your own Rockets. This game will also allow you to test your Rockets by launching them in space. It provides you with 3D design of space where you can interact with different planets and orbits. You will also get a chance to customise your Rockets with different fuel tanks and shapes.

Features of Simplerockets 2 APK

Create your Rockets

In Simplerockets 2, you can create your own Rockets with different parts. There are almost 30 different parts of spacecraft that you can combine to create a complete rocket. You can easily adjust the size of your rocket and add different attributes to it.

Whole space map to explore

This game contains the whole space map that you can explore. You can get to see the 3D designs of planets and orbits and it also features realistic physics so you have to be very careful while launching your rocket.

Test them In Space

This app will let you test the Rockets that you have created in space. You can select a particular location where you want to launch your rocket and interact with different objects in that location.

Avoid Damages

During the test, you have to avoid damage because it features realistic physics and it can collide with any planet or Orbit that can damage your spacecraft.

Customise your Rockets

You will also get a chance to customise your rocket with different shapes and fuel Jets. You can easily select the size of fuel Jets in your rockets and can also add different customisations.

Keep your unique designs

This game allows you to design your own spacecraft which means you first have to create a flowchart of your design. You can save this flowchart on this app so that you can use it further. You will also get a chance to share it with your friends.

Add Fuel

For the proper functioning of your spacecraft, you need to add fuel to it and you can use money to buy fuel for your spacecraft.

Interact with online players

This app allows you to interact with the online players of this game and you can participate in different events in this game that will help you to earn revenue for your spacecraft.

Unlocked Parts

If you download the premium version of Simplerockets 2 then you will be able to unlock spacecraft parts and you can easily use any part to create your rocket.

Unlimited Money

The modified version of this game will provide you with unlimited money that can be used to add fuel to your spacecraft and to unlock different locations.

Why do people like Simplerockets 2 Premium APK?

People like Simplerockets 2 Premium APK because in this version, they do not have to worry about restrictions as all the parts of the Rockets are available in this version and they will also be able to get unlimited game currency that can be used to add fuel.

Download Simplerockets 2 Premium APK Latest Version 2023

Simplerockets 2 Premium APK contains a lot of advanced features, one of them is that all the parts of the spacecraft are deadly available to use and you can also get unlimited fuel as it provides unlimited money to the users, but you have to pay subscription charges for this app.

Simplerockets 2 APK 2023 Download

To get the latest updates of this game, you should download Simplerockets 2 APK 2023.

Final Verdict

This is a game in which you can use your imagination and your designing skills to create spacecraft. You can easily adjust different features of the spacecraft. But in order to get the advanced features of this game you should download Simplerockets 2 Premium APK.


Q. How do you save your designs in Simplerockets 2 APK?

You can save your designs by creating an account on this app.

Q. Who is the developer of Simplerockets 2 APK?

Jundroo, LLC is the developer of Simplerockets 2 APK.

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