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Games with well-written gameplay and captivating graphics always engulf players interest. There are many online and offline hero fighting games available on the internet. Offline games are always preferred as you can play them any time at any place. In today’s article we will discuss a fighting adventurous game called Shadow of Death.

This game has a very interesting storyline, you will feel super excited to play it and explore the world of darkness with your shining armor. It has interesting and fascinating graphics that will capture your interest. All the tools and items it provides are very charismatic and powerful. You will fight against many demons, dragons and other evil powers. You need to defeat them with your power and skills.

You will surely enjoy playing this wonderful game. It has more than millions of players that are satisfied with its features and updates. You will explore a beautiful ruined world and your responsibility is to return life to it and make it glow like before.


The original version of the game available on the internet is called Shadow of Death APK. It offers you many amazing and beneficial features that help you to fight against your enemies. This amazing gaming application is developed by Bravestars Games. It requires an operating system of Android 5.0 and up.

The theme of the game makes it look like an animated Disney movie. Where you are a knight in shining armor and you have to fight against dangerous evil powers that has conquered the world. There are four magical knights, completely different from each other yet equally powerful and important for the ruined land of Aurora. As they have different fighting styles therefore have different deadly weapons and breathtakingly scary pets to use in the battle against dark.


There is a modified version of the game also available on the internet, known as Shadow of Death MOD APK. It is a free application that you can download from our website. The mod apk is exactly like the original game, but it has few modified features to ease their users.

It offers you all the primary and basic features of the original game completely free to access and use. Special you get the Dream team completely unlocked. The four knight together is called the Dream Team in the game. But only one is unlocked in the original game. The hacked version is tested for any malware or virus before putting on any website. Therefore it is a bug free app that you can download without any fear.


There are four powerful knights Maximus, Quinn Nephilam, Lunae Moon Flower and Mount. Maximus is a human, who is the Sword Master of Aurora and Knight Commander also. Quinn is the hybrid of human and demon, she is the mage assassin. Lunae is the most loved character and an elf, the specter of moonlight. Mount is a human who is the hammer king of Aurora.


There are different deadly weapons used in Shadow of death. Each knight use different weapon like Maximus uses straight sword, curved sword and great sword etc. Quinn uses draggers, gauntlets and orb etc. Lunae uses Scythe, twin blades and edges. While Mount uses aegis, arms and hammer etc.


There is a pets option also available in the game. These pets help their master to fight against enemies and kill them in the battle. They follow their master in the war and listen their commands. According to their powers and skills they are divided into different groups like magical, rare, legendary and perfect.


Everything bad or good in this world is made of 4 elements. Therefore all these 4 elements should combine together to remove every evil from the world. Your four knights have special elements power. Maximus rule over fire, Quin controls water, Lunae deals with air and Mount is the master of earth.


There is a map shop available, where you can purchase different items from the crystals ; the in-game currency. There is a variety of items including weapons, armors, pets, rune, costumes, accessories and free equipment.


You will fight against three different types of enemies including flying, melee and ranged. Melee use their weapons and need to came close while ranged use their magic along with weapons from far.


There are different level of leagues played in the online mode of the Shadow of death. You will fight against other players of the game. These leagues include champion, tactics, platinum, gold, silver and bronze.


Rewards for every league is different according to their level of complexity. You get rare extracts and crystals, rune cards, legendary pet cards and many more powerful items.


There are different attacks used in this game like whirlwind, sword rain, demon slash, descending blades, mortal blow, blighted force, rolling smash, sky uppercut and so many more. All the control buttons of these attacks are available on the screen. You also get a joystick to direct the movement of your knight.


Continuous ads disturbance can easily irritate a player as interruption while performing any task can ruin your concentration. Therefore in the mod apk game you gets an ads free gameplay, where you can play all day without getting disturbed.


There is a premium section in the original game that requires in-app purchasing. Different prices for different items and it can range from PRs. 105 to PRs. 10,300. But as not every user like to purchase, the modified version offers you all these premium tools completely free and unlocked. You can easily use them for better gaming experience and to kill dangerous enemies easily.


There are so many items and tools used in this game, each has their own specifications. You will have knights, pets, weapons, powers, pets, armors and many other tools. All these are locked in the apk game. But the mod apk version gives you all these items and tools completely unlocked and free to access.


Shadow of Death is a very different action based game with unique theme of a ruined beautiful world. It has 4 completely different yet powerful shadow knights. Each knight posses unbeatable power and has a different fighting style.

With its regular updates you will not loose your interest in it. The gameplay and the variety of weapons, pets, skills and other items it offers, makes it the best offline fighting game against all other available games. It is a must play game, you won’t regret downloading it.

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