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Fighting games have always been favourite for so many people especially for those who entertain themselves with action games. It might be possible that you have great fighting skills but have you ever played a game where dark forces are crave for your soul? Time has gone in which two opponents were fighting to win the match now gaming world has evolved.

Developers are coming up with the incredible gaming concepts like shadow battle 2.2. shadow battle 2.2 was launched in 12 August 2016 and still this game has separate fan following as millions of people love the game concept. In Shadow battle 2.2 will be confronted by the dark spirits.

There was a time when your town was the happiest but for some reason dark spirits has arrived and happy town turned into a shattered land. As a martial artist, it will be your duty fight and clear your land from these dark and evil spirits. Although it is not easy to fight with the evil forces but don’t lose hope, you can do this by using your martial art skills.

What is shadow battle 2.2 apk?

Shadow battle 2.2 is single player action game in which your enemies are not human or animals but dark forces. People are getting trapped by these evil spirits and you are only hope left who can save them. Play shadow battle 2.2 for free. On every stage you will fight with these wicked spirits. After completing the stages you will fight with their Bosses too. This game has many exciting levels. Defeat these dark spirits and stop them.

What is shadow battle 2.2 mod apk?

Shadow battle 2.2 mod apk is fully unlocked version with so many amazing features. We hope that you will love this news that hacked version of shadow battle 2.2 will give you free money and unlimited diamonds without demanding real cash from you. Install shadow battle 2.2 in its cracked form and say goodbye to ads permanently. Without any disturbance you will be allowed to use free diamonds and upgrade your hero. Lots of exciting stuff is available for free in mod version of shadow battle 2.2.

Can I download Shadow battle 2.2 mod apk from Google play?

Unfortunately No! No mod version is available on Google play.

Which android version is required to install shadow battle 2.2?

If you have android 4.2 then your mobile is capable to download Shadow battle 2.2.

Ads are annoying. Can I block ads in Shadow battle 2.2?

Yes you can remove ads but only when you will buy premium subscription.


Free trapped heroes

You are a warrior but there are many other characters besides you, who have super powers are now prisoners of dark spirits. Super warriors are trapped in a artifact cube and they are waiting for you to come and free them from these forces. Fight bravely and win shadow battles. Once you’ve managed to free the warriors then you can take help from them to defeat bosses of these spirits.

Complete challenges

Shadow battle 2.2 is popular RPG game in which you will complete the thrilling levels. The dark spirits wants turn the world into the darkest land but you can stop them by defeating them. Different stages has been designed to make this game more challenging.

Warriors have multiple skills

In this fighting game, you will experience the different skills of warriors. Many amazing skills are available in Shadow battle 2.2. During the fight, you will see the distinctive skills of your warrior and you can enhance them by practicing on them. Different attacks belongs to different warriors. Try to explore every warrior’s special power and use these extraordinary abilities while fighting with your enemies.

Make a team of heroes

If you feel bored to play single player then here’s the feature which allows you to create your warrior squad. You can create a perfect team in which you can choose warriors and together you and your squad will give tough time to evil forces.

Play arena mode

In Shadow battle 2.2 latest version, arena mode has been added on demand. Now you can play online multiplayer game in which you will fight with the other survivors. With this mode, you can enhance your fighting skills and make your warriors more stronger than before. Join arena mode with your squad, win challenges and earn rewards.

Earn cubes

In many action games, money is most valuable thing but in Shadow battle 2.2, cubes are more important than anything. With the help cubes, you will buy the special items for your warrior and also able to unlock unique features.

Mind-blowing graphics

Shadow battle 2.2 has come with the mind-blowing graphics. UI of this game are extremely amazing. Visual effects that has used in Shadow battle 2.2 is breathtaking.

Enjoy offline game

Sometimes when you are playing game, mobile notifications cause interruptions and you want to disconnect your mobile so no notification can disrupt your game, But what if game doesn’t run without internet? Well this will not happen with shadow battle 2.2 because you can play this game without internet. Just turn off your WiFi and play shadow battle 2.2 without any distress.

Mod features

Endless cubes

Without cubes you can’t unlock special attacks of your warriors that’s why shadow battle 2.2 mod version gives you uncountable cubes. Did you know what is uncountable cube means? This means that you will get free cubes that will never end. Install Shadow battle 2.2 hacked version and get lots of benefits from this version.

Advertisement free

Sometimes when you are playing game, suddenly a notifications appears on your mobile screen and that notification force you to watch ads. If you aren’t interested in ads notifications then you can stop ads by installing cracked Shadow battle 2.2 in your android devices.


This game is great challenge for those who believes that they are champions of fighting games. It will be your biggest mistake if you think that shadow battle 2.2 is game for kids. Fight against evil forces and stop them in their plans. Remind them that you are still here to protect the earth from these bad spirits.


Q. Is hacked version of Shadow battle 2.2 is free to download?

Shadow battle 2.2 mod apk is costless. In this game you will enjoy all features for free.

Q. How to get free gems in Shadow battle 2.2?

Shadow battle 2.2 mod apk will provide you free gems which you can use limitlessly.

Q. Is Shadow battle 2.2 also available in mod version?

Yes luckily shadow battle 2.2 is available in its alternate version that is Shadow battle 2.2 mod apk.

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