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Are you searching for an action game in which you can fight against the different criminals and mafia leaders? If yes, then here is a game whose name is rope hero 3 which is an action game. This game has a huge map with different locations and places where you can go to complete your missions. Rope hero 3 game has millions of players around the globe because it has many stunning features which you will never get in other action games.

This game is an open world which means you can never get bored from it because you will have so much fun while playing it. This the 3rd version of rope hero game so developers have improved the user interface of this game so now any group of people can easily play this game. In this game you have to fight with bad people of your city and your people need justice so you have to protect them from these bad people.

Rope hero 3 is a lightweight game because it is fully optimized so you don’t need a high end mobile device to run this game. It will give you lag free experience on smart devices without any problem. Just fulfill all the requirements and have complete fun from this game. Now let’s check out the main features of rope hero 3 game in detail which makes this game best among others.

What is Rope Hero 3 APK?

Rope hero 3 game comes in basic standard version on the internet which is free to download so you don’t need to spend money to get this awesome game on your mobile device.

In this standard version of rope hero 3 game you will see some premium items like skins, weapons and customization items which you have to buy in order to get access to them otherwise you won’t be able to use them in this version. Many places and locations will be locked so you have to play multiple missions to unlock new locations and places in this game. This version also contains ads in this game which will irritate you.

What is Rope Hero 3 Mod APK?

Rope hero 3 game has a mod version which is also known as a cracked version which makes it unique because this version has epic features and qualities which you will never get for free. Mod version of rope hero 3 provides you all premium items in this game for free. That means you are free to use any skin, weapon and customization item in this version because you will get everything for free.

Best thing about the mod version is that all locations and places in this game will be fully unlocked so you can go anywhere without completing your missions in this version. Rope hero 3 mod Apk has no ads so you will never get interrupted.

Big Map

This feature is great because in this game you will get so many different places where you can go to eat or you can buy different outfits for your character. Rope hero 3 games have multiple buildings like hospitals, police stations, offices, clubs and many others where you can go and enjoy this game.

This game never forces you for anything because it is an open world game so you are free to roam anywhere you want. You will see many different locations and every location has a mission which you have to play in order to discover the whole city.

Character Customization

This feature of rope hero 3 is awesome because it allows a player to make some changes according to his choice. In this game you will get a customization feature where you will see multiple items that you can apply on your character like outfits, hats, glasses, body type, face, hair, skin color, weapon and many other items.

You are free to use any item but there are some items in this game which are paid and you have to purchase them in order to use them. So complete missions and get exciting rewards.

Multiple Missions to Play

Rope hero 3 game has hundreds of different missions which makes a complete storyline of this game. By completing every mission this game will unlock new locations and items which you can use.

Missions are the only way to get money in this game and money is very important to buy multiple things. Play like a pro player to become a master of this game because it will also help you to increase your gaming level. So if you think you’ve good gaming skills then try to complete all missions and end this game.

3D Graphics

Rope hero games come with 3D graphics which are high in resolution and provide realistic gaming experience. Everything in this game has awesome detailing which looks great.

This action game has many epic visual effects which you will see while fighting with others and sound effects are very accurate. You will never miss anything because of good detailing and high resolution. Play this game on a good updated smart device and get complete fun from this game.

Police Attack

In this game if you did anything wrong then police will chase you so you have to be very careful because if you get caught then you will get busted. You are free to steal cars and bikes in this game but you also have to face the police at the end. But if you want more fun in this game then try to kill a policeman then you will see that the military is chasing and that time you won’t be able to go anywhere.

Unlimited Money

In standard rope hero 3 games you have to work very hard to earn money which takes a lot of time. That’s why the mod version of this game is giving their players a big relief. In this modified version you don’t need to earn money because you will get unlimited money in this game which you can spend on everything.

There will be no restrictions so you can use all your favorite customization items with this money. If you also need free money in rope hero 3 then get this action game in mod version.

Unlocked Features

Rope hero 3 is a big game because it has a huge map with multiple unique locations and places but many of them will be locked so you can’t go there until you unlock them.

In the mod version you are free to roam anywhere in map because this version provides this game fully unlocked which means everything will be available. All items will be completely unlocked so you can also use all your favorite items in this game while having rope hero 3 game in mod version.

No Advertisements

In the simple standard version of rope hero 3 ads are the biggest problem because they interrupt your game and to remove ads you have to pay them in standard version but now that’s now a problem.

Mod version of this action game has this epic feature where you will never see any kind of ads in this game because this version doesn’t contain ads which means your game will never get interrupted by anything. So if you also want rope hero 3 without ads then get the mod Apk version.

All Missions Unlocked

Rope hero 3 has many different missions which are full of action and thriller but in the standard version many of them will be locked. That’s why the mod version of this game is providing all missions fully unlocked which you can play anytime because there will be no restrictions so you are free to choose any mission to play. This feature is great because it lets you enjoy this game according to your choice.

Free to Download

You can download this game for free now as no download charges are valid upon it. All you have to do is just click on the download button and get this game in your smartphone within no time.


3D high resolution graphics

Open world game

Role playing

Huge Map

Different missions to play

Awesome story mode

Supercars to drive

Well optimized game

Easy controls to play

Amazing user interface

Visual and sounds effects


Standard version contains ads in this game

Standard version has some premium items which are paid


Rope hero 3 is a great action game because it has many awesome features which you will never get in other games. That’s why so many people are enjoying this epic game. You can become anything in this game because this game will depend on you how you play it.

So if you think that you are the player who can make more fun than, download rope hero 3 game from our website by following simple steps. Play this game and become a real superhero. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts about this game with other players in the comment section.

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