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Jul 2, 2023
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Do you love race racing? If yes then you must try this game. Rival Stars Horse Racing is a sports game. This game is free and easy to download for android devices. You can have this game for free. There are many features of this game that you can get for free. You will see that there are different stories in this game. These stories are available to play. But first you have to unlock these stories by completing challenges and missions.

You also have to unlock all the characters in this game. Each story is based on different characters. You have to unlock all the characters. There are many characters in this game. You have to train your horse for a thrilling horse race. There is a training course as well that you can use for training. You can train your horse to be a professional horse racer. There are still many more things that you will get to know after downloading this game for free. You will also get the features of this game for free as well. You must try this game and explore all the stories and characters of this game for free.

What is Rival Stars Horse Racing APK?

Rial Stars Horse Racing APK is a horse racing game. PIKPOK are the developers of this game. In this standard version of this game, you will get some limited resources. There is a limitation of time on these resources. You can get this restriction off for sometime by purchasing those features. This application also involves the preview of ads while playing this game. You can not close these ads because these are the forced ads.

What is Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK?

Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod APK is the mod version of this game. You can also say that this is the hacked version of this game. This version is also free to download. You can get all the features without any restrictions and limitations in this version. You will also get unlimited money in the mod version. The ads that disturb you are also blocked in the mod version of this game. You can play this version easily.


Easy Interface

The interface of this game is simple. This makes the understanding and use of this application easy and convenient.

Different Stores

There are different stories in this game. You can play all the stories. All the stories have different themes and scenes. You will see all these stories are entirely different from each other.

Unlock Characters

As there are different stories you will see that there are different characters as well. In each story you have to unlock all the characters. These characters are the main part of the stories.

Thrilling Horse Race

There are thrilling horse races in each story. With the change of story, character and the intensity of the horse race also changes.

Train Horse

There is also a training mode. In this training mode you can train your horse for the race. This training will improve the racing skills and techniques of the horse.

Upgrade Homestead

In this game, you also have to build a homestead. You can also upgrade this homestead. This will help you to accommodate more things in it. You can upgrade to the maximum level.


There are different challenges as well in this game. You have to complete all these challenges in this game. These challenges are different and change when you change the story and characters.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

The best mod feature of this game is that you will get unlimited money. You can get this unlimited money for free. But you can get this money only in the mod version of this game. You can use this unlimited money to unlock characters and stories.

Weak Opponent

If you have the mod version of this game you will get a weak horse in the opponent. This will let you win the race easily. You will easily win against the weak opponent.

Get Free

The mod version of this game is free to download. You can get the mod version and the features of this mod version for free.


This game is a 3D and realistic horse racing game. In this game, you have to race between horses in different stories and characters. You can easily unlock all the characters and stories of this game. This game is also free to download. The mod version is also free..

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