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Pokemon is a very famous series and because of its love some developers decided to introduce a game based on such a concept. In Pokemon Go, you are going to play the role of a trainer and you have to train the Pokemon’s. But first you have to collect these pokemons and to do this you have to move into different places around your home.

There you can get to see the Pokemons and you have to catch them to include them in your collection. After that, you can challenge the other trainers to fight the battles with you. You can also evolve your pokemons to enhance their powers.

Get Pokemon Go APK!

Pokemon Go is a battle game where you have to fight the battles with the help of Pokemons that you collect in this game. There are some rare pokemons that will help you to win the Battles. But to get these pokemons, you have to elevate your level. There is a GPS system and you have to follow this system to collect pokemons. You have to move into different places and by doing so you can find pokemons.

Features of Pokemon Go APK

Interesting Gameplay

Pokemon Go is very interesting because it is not like the regular games where you have to sit in front of your PC. This game is actually better for your health as it urges you to move and walk in the streets near you.


This app uses the GPS system of your device and by doing so, it can locate you and get to know about the place that is near you. It will give you tasks to move into different places that you have to fulfil.

Find Pokemons

You are not going to have a collection of pokemons in your hand. In fact, you have to find the pokemons by going to different locations.

Be a Trainer

You are going to play the role of a trainer and you have to train your pokemons in different battles. You can even create fake battles between your Pokemons so that they can become more tough and strong.

Trade Pokemons

You can trade pokemons with different trainers. But for this purpose, you have to spend the money that you collect in this game. You can even get the rare pokemons with the help of trading.

Upgrade your Skills

There are different trainer levels in this game. By elevating your level, you can get to find the real pokemons and you can evolve your pokemons as well.

Evolve your Pokemons

After several battles, you can have the option to evolve your Pokemons. By doing so, you can turn the cute little creatures into beasts that will destroy their opponents in seconds.

Participate in Challenges

There are so many different challenges in this game and you can complete these challenges to elevate your rank. These challenges will also help you to get the rare pokemons for your collection.

Multiplayer battles

This game includes multiplayer battles as well. In this way, you can invite The Other trainers to this game and have the battles with them. You can even have the three way battle.

No interruptions

If you want to get rid of interruptions and want to get an elevation in your rank without doing much effort, you can purchase the pro version of the Pokemon Go app.

Why do people like Pokemon Go Pro APK?

The main reason to love the Pokemon Go pro APK is that it provides you with the elevation in your rank that will help you to get the rare pokemons in your collection. It will also allow you to evolve your pokemons with ease.

Download Pokemon Go Pro APK Latest Version 2022

Pokemon Go Pro contains so many advantages which is that it helps you to get the elevation in your rank without doing anything and it also makes you get rid of all the restrictions. But the only way to get all these advantages is to pay the subscription charges.

Pokemon Go 2022 APK Download

In this latest version of Pokemon Go, we have some advanced pokemons and the new updates.

Downloading Pokemon Go Pro APK

The only way to download Pokemon Go Pro APK is to click on the download link available in this article. After that, you can search for this apk file in your mobile downloads and open this app to provide it with the required permissions.

Final Verdict

All the games make us lazy because we have to stay in a place to play the games. Pokemon Go makes you move in different places, it also provides you with rare pokemons. But to get them you have to purchase the pro version.


Q. Can I play Pokemon Go on my Laptop?

Yes, you can play Pokemon go on your laptop with the help of the screencasting feature.

Q. How can I get the rare pokemons in Pokemon Go?

To get the rare pokemons you have to elevate your level.

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