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Have you ever wanted to have a monster as a pet? If you are going to say yes then obviously this will not going to happen in real. But if you really have this type of wish then you can fulfil your wish in a game called Neo monsters. Neo monsters is an action adventure game in which you will raise hundreds of monsters but all these will not your pet but you can capture them.

1000 of monsters are available in neo monsters and you can capture these monsters as much as you can. Neo monsters is premium game that’s why this game is paid. You need money to download this monster adventure game other you can’t download this from Google play. In the start, you will be given 4 different monsters and you have to choose one with whom you will start your journey.

You will take care of your monster pet and evolve them to make them more stronger than any other monsters. Make a best team and fight with other trainers. Now in neo monsters you can enjoy realistic monster fight experience. Play PVP mode and enjoy incredible monsters fight.

What is neo monsters apk?

Neo monsters is an action game but this game is different and more unique because in this game your war will be with the monsters. As you are a trainer, so you have to train your monsters for the battles. All these monsters are fully animated. But to download this you need to spend some money. Meet with other trainers and fight with them to increase your monsters powers. Play different leagues to earn rewards for your monsters.

What is neo monsters mod apk?

Neo monsters mod apk is unpaid hacked version which you can download from our website. Biggest advantage of downloading neo mod apk is that it is completely free to download. All the vip features of neo monsters are free to use in cracked version. Many useful things that were locked in its original is now available to use in neo monsters mod apk. Get unlimited money by downloading this mod version.

Can I choose gender in neo monsters?

Both make and female gender are available in neo monsters so you can choose your favourite one.

Can I play neo monsters online?

Yes you can play online battles in neo monsters.

How many missions are available in neo monsters?

In neo monsters, more than 100 missions are available.


Capture monsters

In neo monsters, you will be in the world where monsters and human live together. In this journey you will fight with the monsters but first you have to capture monsters. Up to 1000 monsters are available in neo monsters and if you want to capture the strongest one then you have to find them. Usually the baby monsters hide themselves in grass so you can go there and if you find one, then start fight with the monster. When you feel that your opponent is now weaker then capture them.

Make a powerful team

Once you capture 6 monsters then your second task will be to train them. If you want to become a world’s best monster trainer then without wasting your time start training your monsters. In start, you will grab the baby monsters but after giving them full training sessions, they will become more and more powerful day by day. You can make a team up to 6 monsters.

Evolve your monsters

If you take good care of them then with the passage of time, these monsters will evolve themselves into a stronger one. Their powers will also increase when they transform themselves. Evolve your monsters until they reach to their highest powers. Transform your monsters abilities and focus on their special attacks.

Play 4×4 battles

To make your game more interesting, you can play 4×4 battles. These battles are not so easy to win so you have to prepare your monsters accordingly. In this mode, you will fight with the powerful and strongest trainers. Every in this journey have only one wish and that is to become a best trainer so they will fight with you till end. Find essential ingredients for your monsters that will be very helpful to boost-up their powers and special abilities.

Complete missions

In neo monsters, besides fighting with the trainers, there are also many challenges are available in this game. 100+ exciting levels are available in neo monsters which you have to complete. By completing these tasks you can earn lots of rewards and useful items for your monsters. To play these missions increase the interest in game.

Explore beautiful islands

Different beautiful islands have been created in this to make this game more realistic. As a trainer, you will explore the islands and many dungeons are also in this game.powerful monsters lives in dungeons and they are escaping themselves from human. You can find these monsters by exploring different caves, dungeons and islands.

Mod features

Unpaid version

If you don’t want to pay for the game then neo monsters also available in its mod version. You can download neo mod apk and this version is unpaid. Since neo monsters mod apk is not officially developed by the developer of neo monsters apk, you cant download this mod version from google play. Hacked version of neo monsters is available on our official website.

Unlimited gems

Download neo mod apk and get unlimited gems. To collect gems is not easy task but if you want endless gems then you can rely on neo monsters mod apk.

Play offline

Neo monsters mod apk is not restricted by internet connection which means that you can your favourite game offline too. Neo monsters hacked version doesn’t support online battles otherwise the game can be played offline.


Alternate version of neo monsters is completely secure. There’s no virus in this version which means that you can install neo monsters mod apk without any worries.


In this action game you can enjoy the fight between monsters. Train your monsters and prepare them for epic battles. Explore different areas and find other monsters.Play online battles and enjoy realistic gaming experience. Play with 16 different monsters and defeat them.Give tough challenge to your rivals and defeat them. Choose your gender and start your journey in neo monsters. Download neo monsters mod apk for free.


Q. How to download neo monsters for free?

If you are interested to download for free then install mod version of neo monsters.

Q. Is mod version of neo monsters available on Google play?

Since neo monsters mod apk is unofficial so you can not download this version from play store.

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