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Do you want a mansion where you can solve multiple puzzles to get exciting rewards? Because we are going to give you a game where you will get complete control over everything. My story is about a game in which you get a mansion but in a very critical condition so you have to renovate your mansion by solving tricky puzzles in this game. My story game is getting popular on the internet because millions of people are enjoying it.

This game is a puzzle solving game which means you have to use your brain a lot in order to make things smooth otherwise you won’t be able to maintain your mansion in this game. You will get many different options in this game like designing your kitchen, bedrooms, lounge, garden and more. All you need to do is follow the story in this game to fix everything step by step.

My story game has a simple user interface and you can easily play this game because it has no difficulties and complications. Optimization is also good in this game so you will never face low speed issues. Now let’s check out the main features of my story game.

What is My Story APK?

My story game comes in standard version and the great thing is that you don’t have to purchase this game because it is free to download. In this game you will get so many free features and items which you can use with the time but my story game also has some premium items which will be paid. You cannot use premium items until you purchase them with real money. While solving puzzles in this game you will see many different ads which will disturb your game.

What is My Story Mod APK?

This is the mod version of my story game which is also known as a modified version. This version provides exciting features which will amaze you. While playing my story game in mod apk you will never get disturbed by ads because this version never supports ads in this game so there will be no interruptions for you. You will get unlimited money for free which you can use to renovate your mansion in this game because there will be no limitations on the money. Entire game will be completely unlocked so you don’t have to wait.

Solve Puzzles

My story game has hundreds of different puzzles for you which you have to solve in order to get multiple items for your mansion. But you have to be very smart while solving them because they will get difficult with time so you have to save your powers for the coming challenges in this game. To solve these puzzles, you have to color by moving color cubes up and down. Solve these puzzles on time and get rewards.

Renovate Mansion

In this game you will get a beautiful mansion but the condition will be very bad. As you are the main player of this game, you have to take care of everything in your mansion. Solve puzzles and unlock new items for your mansion which you can use to clean all the junk from it. Try to get all basic home cleaning tools in this game. You have to clean the entire mansion by yourself because that’s how you can move to the next level in it.

Design Everything

You have to design everything in this game because there will be many dirty rooms which you have to clean and design. You will see so much mess after entering your mansion and the only way to make things better for your mansion is to take small tasks and challenges. Design your kitchen, bedrooms, lounge, garden and impress your friends by showing them your fully furnished mansion. For designing purposes you will get so many things which you can buy for the store.

Unlock New Rooms and Areas

Mansion is so big in this game that many parts of it will be locked and you have to unlock them by solving puzzles. There will be many rooms which you can renovate and design according to your choice but first you have to unlock them. This game has a great story line so you have to play this game sequence wise. You can easily understand everything and manage the entire mansion by completing all your tasks in this game.

3D Graphics

My story game has beautiful graphics which attracts a lot because it comes in 3D graphics that are high in resolution. You will never get bored from this game because it has many awesome visual and sound effects that makes this game more interesting and exciting. This awesome puzzle story game has great detailing and vivid colors. That’s why while playing this game you will never lose your interest because everything looks amazing in it.

Meet New People

In this game there will be many other people with you and you can easily interact with them. You can make them your friends by inviting them to your mansion but first you have to furnish it, then you can invite your friends, otherwise they will never accept your invitation. Try to make your mansion beautiful so people will automatically attract and they will come to you. So become a good caretaker in order to achieve everything in this game.

Unlimited Money

Money is very important in my story game because you have to buy so many items for your mansion. But in the standard version it takes a long time to get money. That’s why the mod version is providing unlimited money in my story game for free. This unlimited will never run out and there will be no limitations on spending so you can buy everything for your mansion to make it beautiful.

Unlimited Powers

My story game provides different powers to solve puzzles but in the standard version you only get limited. Having this awesome game in mod version you will get unlimited free powers which you can use without any problem. So now you can easily solve all your puzzles because of these unlimited powers.

Free Download

You can download this game for free on your smartphone as nobody has to pay the downloading charges. Anyone who wants to get this game can download it from our website without any trouble.


My story is an awesome game to play because it has so many different puzzles to solve and a big mansion to renovate. That’s why millions of people are entertaining themselves by playing this game. This game is recommended on the internet by their players so if you also want a big mansion for yourself then download my story game from our website. Decorate your mansion and don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section.

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