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It is an open world game. It is just like minecraft which has a very crazy element which attracts gamers towards it. Minecraft is one of the top of the game available right now and this game provides an experience similar to it on your mobile phone. You know that Minecraft is not available for free to play on the smartphone.

You have to spend money to install it on your mobile device. This game is available for free and it also has the pixel kind of graphics. The Mini block craft is also rated as one of the best open world games available to play on the Android and IOS. This game provides you the features that you are looking for, like you can build different kinds of things in the game.

There are many more things that you have to do in the game like you have to deal with the different Monsters and zombies who will attack you mostly in the night. To take a fight with them you need to craft weapons in the game.

Download Mini block craft APK

It is an open world game which provides pixel graphics. There are many crazy elements in this game like Monsters and Zombies which are going to attack you. First of all in the game you have to build a house for yourself. Later on you can customise your house and you can make it even better. In the morning you have to explore different areas around to find the resources, you also need to find the food for your Living. By finding different resources you can craft weapons that you can use to fight against the Monsters and Zombies. You can make your farm in the game so that you can plant different crops to make food.

The gameplay of it is going to be similar to the one of the most popular games, Minecraft. It is a major reason that this game gets very popular in a very small time.

Download Mini block craft mod APK

This is a hacked version of the game. This version will provide you access to the unlimited amount of resources in this game. In the simple version it is very hard for you to find the different resources and you have to explore many different areas in order to find the rare resources. This hacked version is the one specially developed to provide you all the benefits of the game for free. It is also fully secured and there are no errors and bugs found in this version. Ads are also not going to be part of this game in the hacked version; they are completely disabled in this version of the game.


Open world game

This game gives you the experience of an open world game because it comes in the category of the open world games where you can do anything you want.

Pixel graphics

This game provides you with very cool and fun pixel graphics that are very much similar to the popular game Minecraft.

Monster and zombies

In the night the Monsters and Zombies try to attack you. You have to beware of them and have to craft weapons to fight them.

Build your dream home

The most important thing you have to build in this game is your house and you can build your dream house in this game with all the items you want.

Craft weapons

It is very important to craft different weapons in the game. They are going to be very beneficial when the Monsters and Zombies attack you.

Explore areas

You have to explore different areas in this game so that you can find out the maximum of the resources. There are also many rare resources that are very difficult to get.

Build anything

You can build different things in this game according to your liking. You can build your farm, your house and many different kinds of things.

Unlimited items

This hacked version of the game provides you unlimited items to use. You don’t need to explore different areas to find the items in this game.


It is one of the best free open world games available to play on the smartphone. You can build anything in this game and you can craft different weapons to fight against the Monsters and the zombies. You need to explore different areas so that you can find the resources you will need. You can build your dream house in this game.

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