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Major, get ready again because Mr. Evil has invaded us again. Major Mayhem 2 is an offline single player game in which you fight the Military of Mr. Evil who has invaded you again. This game has a touch of good humour and so many interesting stages to win.

You don’t have to fight them on Earth only, but outer space is also waiting your arrival to save it. So fight on Earth and the Moon to defeat militia of Evil. Upgrade your 20 most powerful guns fight the odds at different locations. As you progress, you earn game currency. Which you can use to boost your score and upgrade you character accordingly.

This game is fun to play. If you are bored or in a commute. You can play this game in limited time to pass it. It gets very interesting as you progress through the games. Graphics are very high quality and high definition.

What is Major Mayhem 2 Apk?

Major Mayhem 2 apk is ordinary version of the original download. In this version you can progress in game in a typical manner, win and pass on to next stage. This game is very easy to play and addictive when you start playing it. Upgrade your guns to rule over the evil forces. Wear legendary hats and be a macho major in the army against all the odds. You can turn on autofire button as well to aim automatically on enemy and send it to hell.

What is Major Mayhem Mod Apk?

Major Mayhem Mod Apk let you play the modified version of the game. In this mod, you are able yo upgrade or purchase lethal weapons with in unlimited in game currency. Change or edit your Major Mayhem and make him look more handsome. You can  revive your major if he embraces martyrdom while fighting the worse enemies of all time. This version also has banned all Ads so now you can play it in a good pace without any worries of ads.

Can you change character in Major Mayhem 2?

No, Major Mayhem is icon of the game and it is by default only character to play in game. However, you can customise your character according to your own choice. You can win or earn hats for your Major Mayhem.

Can you skip levels in Major Mayhem 2?

No, you have to pass all the levels to progress through the game. You can not skip levels or select unlocked levels of your choice without winning them. All levels are easy to play so you sure can win them all.

Is Major Mayhem 2 multiplayer game?

No, Major Mayhem 2 is an offline single player game. In this game you can log in to hit the leaderboard but the gameplay is 3D in TPP and single player. You can keep your records high on leaderboard.


Offline Gaming

You don’t have an internet connection or you have limited time but it’s boring to pass. Play Major Mayhem 2. It is best offline game with extreme high definition graphics and 3D viewing. All levels are very engaging and keeps you playing for hours if you are free. We’d like to warn you, this is an addictive game which can leave you playing it all day.

Super Weapons and Upgrades

In this game, you have 20 super Weapons and 5 bosses to fight. So, as you progress through the game and earn game currency which you can use to purchase new super guns up to 20. Each gun has its own skill and abilities to redeem. Some guns make it easier to kill enemies but some bosses require more lethal weapons to be defeated so don’t forget to purchase new timely.

Classic Arcade in 3D

Arcade games dates back to 90s. All such games have been nostalgic and fortunately developers decided to revive several arcade games. This is one of those reviving games. Today, on play store, this is one of top grossing arcade games which is released in 3D and remastered for better levels and gameplay experience. This is a great time pass for sure.

Hats and Costumes

Since, you can not change the Game Hero, Major Mayhem. But, you can get new hats and Costumes for your hero. There are tonnes of hats and costumes which you can buy or earn in rewards. These characters attributes make Major Mayhem more like a Macho Officer.

Little touch of Humour

This game has a good humour transcripts which is said by Major Mayhem in different levels. Major Mayhem keeps the funny cracky jokes alive to give a touch of humour and fun. Major Mayhem depicts qualities of a Good Officer.

Mod Features

Free Guns and Upgrades

Only Guns can help you defeating the enemies. So, you have unlimited upgrades and all 20 Guns available and ready to use at your command against the beasts of space. This cheat has been included in mod version so you can use the most powerful gun even at the very beginning.

No Advertisements

No Ads will stop your Major Mayhem to fight. This mod version has banned all ads from the game so now when you are in fierce battle and ready to blow off the enemies’ feet off the ground, you don’t have to worry getting an ad right at the important and crucial moment.

Unlimited Revivals

Well, if your Major Mayhem embrace martyrdom after fighting till last blood. Don’t grieve or be sad, you can revive and make your officer invincible by using unlimited Revivals and defeat the strongest aliens as well as their bosses too.


Major Mayhem 2 is an arcade offline single player game. You can play this game without any internet connection and all the game stages are very interactive and fun to play. It is an easy but comes with tricky challenges to pass. If you keep boosting your guns and purchasing new ones. It will be a walk in the park to kill bosses of alien world. In this game you are invaded by aliens so your Major Mayhem is ready to take charge and kill them to save planet.


Q. Can you change control settings of Major Mayhem 2 mod apk?

No, Major Mayhem 2 mod apk is an arcade game so it has all arcade gaming controls to depicted the nostalgic. It is by default on same control settings.

Q. Can we play Major Mayhem 2 mod apk in First Person Perspective?

No, Major Mayhem 2 mod apk is an arcade game so it has standard arcade views, side ways third person perspective. But, it is a 3D game so it’s a modern day arcade game view.

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