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Have you ever thought about how life would be without all these luxuries that we now live in? Well it is hard to experience life without all these technologies that we have now.  In the past, people used to craft and use things for their own good. They were not dependent on technology and this was the most beneficial thing because people we remained active because of it. But now the world is more dependent on technology. However if you want to experience life without all these luxuries then you can play the game Lost in Blue which was published by volcano force. It is an amazing survival game in which you will have to live on your own. The game starts when a plane crashes into an ocean and you are the only survivor left and you will have to swim to the nearby Island and start your life there. If you want to know what happens next then you should definitely read this article.

What is the Lost in Blue game?

It is a survival game in which you will have to survive on an island where there is nothing to eat. You will have to find your food on your own, you will have to hunt on the island and look for food in the ocean. You will also have to fight with your enemies like Monsters and zombies who will try to kill you. You will also have to build Shelters in order to protect yourself from Harsh conditions.

What is the Lost in Blue MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the Lost in blue game. In this hacked version the user will have access to unlimited resources and you will also be able to receive unlimited money with the help of which you can build Shelters for yourself and you can also craft the weapons in order to fight with the Monsters that will try to kill you.

How to play the Lost in Blue game?

Lost in blue is a survival game and you will have to keep collecting the resources during your path in order to live. There will also be so many challenges that you will have to complete. You can also depend on your partner in this game. The most important thing that you will have to take care of is hunger and you will also have to survive the attacks of the Monsters And The Zombies.

Can I switch characters in Lost in Blue?

This game revolves around the two characters who survive the plane crash. In order to switch the character you will first have to complete this gameplay with good scores and stars. When you will start the game again you will be able to switch your character.

Features of the Lost in Blue game

Amazing Survival gameplay

In this game there will be two characters who will have to survive an island. You will play the role of One character and you will accompany your partner in every situation.

Collect Resources

You will have to roam on the island and explore the different aspects of it and you will also have to collect the resources in order to craft different things.

Build Shelter Camps

The first thing that you will have to do on this Island is to build shelter camps so that if anyone other than you have survived the plane crash can come here and take shelter.

Craft weapons

As you will be living in the wild, you will need some weapons to kill the animals who will try to attack you and you will also need these weapons in order to hunt the animals so that you can eat and survive.

Fight with monsters

This game has a huge map to explore and there are so many Monsters that will appear in your way, you will have to fight with them in order to save yourself.

Features of the Lost in Blue MOD APK

Unlocked Locations

All the locations on the maps Will Be unlocked in this modified version.

Unlimited resources

You will be able to collect unlimited resources in this modified version.

Survive attacks

Lost in blue Mod APK will also allow you to survive the attacks of the Monsters.


If you want to experience the best survival gameplay then lost in blue will really help you out because this game contains so many interesting features that will allow you to create everything by yourself. If you want some additional features of this game then you can download Lost in blue Mod APK.


Q. Can I play Lost in Blue with friends?

Yes, this game contains a multiplayer mode in which you can invite your friends.

Q. How to remain active in Lost in Blue?

In order to remain active you will have to take bath regularly and you can also rest and sleep.

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