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Aug 8, 2023
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This game life after takes upon the theme of post zombie apocalypse where the players have to try their best to survive after the invasion of the zombies. The storyline starts when a strange virus grows and starts spreading and attacking the world rapidly, making the humans turn into infected zombies.

After some time the world is completely destroyed by the zombie virus only few survivors are left out of which you are one. Now what you have to do is to hide in a safe and light place during the night time when you hear growls of the infected human approaching where you can only pray to not get infected and wait for the sun to rise again.

This is a survival game where you have to collect materials then build your shelter and powerful weapons while finding food to survive to easily survive throughout the attacks try to keep all your HP, Huger, Health, Temperature and Vitality indicators green because this means you are healthy enough to fight off the infected. They appear more at night and less at day if you don’t have equipment to kill and fight them off then stay hidden during night.



Mini games

With life after you will never get bored and feel as if you are wasting your time while hiding out from the zombies, the developers produced mini games within the game to keep you busy that can be played with your friends.

Realistic world

The makers of life after made sure to add realistic effects and enhance graphics in a way that the fights, situations and everything within the game feels like it’s realistic and takes you to the post apocalyptic real world.


Not a game for low devices

Life after is not a game for low devices as it requires very high requirements for your device that is android version 4.4 or above, at least 2 GB RAM and 1.2 GB free memory.


Keep your will and hopes alive

The world you once knew has been destroyed now, it is a foreign place with a wave of terror and virus outbreak. You see your friends and family becoming the infected, there are few survivors whose lives are hanging by a thread that is constantly being threatened by famine, cold, diseases, virus, infected and other such things along with the organizations with hidden agendas. You will have to stay calm even if your world is falling apart and have to continue on with your life believing there is a way out amidst all these dangers and infections and have to win the battle against these all.

Live on

You will have to learn how to hunt down and gather your food, how to cover up your wounds and how you can use the supplies and things to make arms and weapons to protect yourself from the infected. Explore every place in the post zombie apocalyptic world whether it’s a city full of infected, abandoned mines, broken down schools or colleges or freezing cold forests, mountains. Go and explore all these places and scavenge essential materials so that you can survive the cold, warm and every type of situation that is thrown at you.

Encounter others

When you are running around the post apocalyptic world trying to scavenge materials for your use, you may encounter other survivors as well. But with them you will have to be extra careful as they may be not be someone you can trust. They might attack you to get what you have by looting you. But if they are cordial towards you then you can decide whether you want to share your food, ammunitions and adventure stories with them or not.

Build the final home

During the hunting and surviving you may have made few friends you encountered trying to get of the same situation you were put into, so gather those trusted souls with you and find a place to camp and build taking one step at a time, building one block at a time until you have your final sanctuary away from the infected. Together gather around campfires and you humans may once again fend off the long cold nights of despair and depression with warm hugs around the fire.


New city and scenes

The new version release brings with it Levin City, with dangerous and more challenging scenes, more powerful and evolving zombies, secrets of hosts that are hidden deep in the city and enormously difficult and challenging battles. Get in the game and fight back to where it all started!


Start with downloading the file. Confused? Well download from the link provided or the download button present on the web page.

Then after the download is complete go to your mobile settings.

In your settings go to security settings and scroll down to installation from unknown resources option.

Allow installation from unknown resources and now go back to your downloaded file.

It can be present in the download folder in my files or up in your notification bar ready for you to install.

Click on it then install the game and enjoy!


Q. Is life after safe to download?

Yes! This file is completely safe to download, you don’t require any root or extra thing to download or install the game.

Q. What is the file size of the life after game?

The file size of life after game is 1 GB but you need to have 1.2 GB free to run the game easily.

Q. What special features does life after mod apk have?

This modified version of life after have unlimited money, resources and shopping that enables you to play the game completely for free.

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