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Jul 26, 2023
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This game is simple yet interesting, with its diversified gaming environments this game keeps the gamers hooked to the gameplay. You do not need any detailed or complete introduction for the game as its own title justifies what the game has to offer.

This game is about war, a war fought amongst other empires. Your role in the game of a King of one of the empires and from there on the storyline or may I say the war starts. You have to raise your army and have to keep your kingdom going by saving it from the attacks of other kingdoms.

This game is equipped with simple controls and the graphics that lets you dive into the mystiques of the gameplay. This kingdom war provides you with a fun and adventure experience and brings you out to a journey where you become the best king having the best empire out there.

The major goal for the player is to ensure peace among its kingdom and protect it at all times. Train their army and raise them to fight off any difficulty they will ever face. There are multiple gaming modes and difficulty levels, that test your skills and abilities throughout the game. So get on in these wars and try to save your kingdom and your people!



Modern game with old style

This is a modern game with high quality graphics that gives you a taste of war between kingdoms from the ancient times to save your people from other kingdoms.

Become a warrior

This game gives you a complete experience of a warrior by letting you play the war against your enemies and putting you into all the conditions that are during a war.


Need to be expert

The player needs to be expert or have a bit of knowledge of such games in order to understand the controls of the game though they are simple but you might need time to get a hold of your touch panel.



This game is not like your ordinary games where the content is minimum and gamer is provided with small amount of fresh content that makes the game boring after some time and leads the players to ultimately uninstall and delete the game from their android devices. To avoid such a situation and keep the user engaged and hooked to the game, the developers of kingdom wars made sure to design the game with multiple levels and materials in it so that every time you open the game you have something new to work with. There are around 400 difficulty levels which ensures that the game becomes more and more challenging after each passing level. Therefore, giving you the best gaming experience of your life time.


Some games have difficult controls for which the gamer should have some technical skills and some sort of technical expertise and knowledge in order to understand those controls and enjoy the game with those controls. Those controls in themselves are a challenge to play with. Though this restricts the game to only a limited game base which means less number of people playing your game. But to avoid such a havoc the game makers have ensured that the games basic features and gameplay can be enjoyed by every type of android user. The controls are kept simple and requires a single tap on the screen to control your war. So buckle up for the war ahead of you!


This game focuses all on building up your army to fight off the kings trying to bring you down. If you are provided with a limited amount of warriors then this game will become boring as you will have to repeat your army in every situation. But with kingdom wars there is a twist, you get around 200 unique warriors with each warrior having their own set if abilities that they use in a particular way and can be unlocked as you progress through the game to keep the game interesting and fun.


The makers ensured in this game that you feel accomplished when you win wars of cross levels and progress through the game. The game comes with concepts of daily treasures and rewards to keep you engaged to the game everyday and to help you climb up the leader board ladder faster and efficiently. In order to create the best army with best weapons you need to collect all the rewards so don’t miss a single day!


The game is designed with 6 booster items to boost your strategies and gameplay during the game. Each one of the booster created is unique and comes with special powers for the players to test their skills and tactics and show who the best player is out on the field.



In the new updates minor bug fixes and improvements in performance of the game has been done.


Download the apk file provided by the makers of the game on the web page.

Wait till the file is completely downloaded this may take few minutes depending on your internet.

After that directly click on the file and start installing.

It will ask you the permission to install from unknown resources.

Allow the installation and wait for your game to install and then enjoy!


Q. Is this modified version safe for my phone?

Yes! This game is completely safe for your device as it doesn’t require root.

Q. Does Kingdom wars mod apk deters my phone settings?

No! This game does not deter or interfere with your device settings or interface.

Q. Is this game available globally?

Yes! The game is available globally, accessible to all.

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