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Kingdom Guard is a Tower Defence game. In this game, you are the only people that are defending the last dragon egg and for its protection, you have to deploy the towers of the Titans. For this purpose, you can get different heroes and you can also customise them with a variety of powers and outfits. You can create your own Army for the protection of the Dragon egg and you can build Towers for this purpose too.

You can merge different heroes in this game to have a better power. You will also be able to receive the boosters that will help you to speed up your gameplay. If you want to get some extra powers in this game, you can upgrade your Tower.

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Kingdom Guard is an amazing action experience. In this game, you have to protect Dragon eggs and for this purpose, you have to build Towers. You can also attack on the towers of your enemies to kill them. This game contains a variety of heroes and you can unlock these heroes to get some extra powers. You can create an army of all the heroes so that you can fight better against your enemies.

Features of Kingdom Guard APK

Amazing Action Experience

This game contains a variety of heroes and all of them have some special powers. That’s why you are going to have an amazing action experience in this game where you can create a team with different superheroes that will help you to protect your Towers.

Protect Dragons Egg

In this game, you have to protect the last dragon eggs from the invading army and for this purpose, you can unlock different heroes and can also create your own Army.

Build Towers

In this game, you can build Towers to protect the Dragon egg from the invading forces and you can also destroy the towers of these forces so that you can get rid of them.

Unlock different Heroes

This game contains a variety of Hero classes and you have to unlock the hero class in order to get your favourite hero. All of these heroes have some special abilities that will help you to protect the dragon egg.

Create your own army

You can collect heroes from different Hero classes and create your own Army. This Army will help you to fight with the invading forces.

Merge your powers

In this game, all the heroes have different powers. But if you want to create a superhero then you can merge the powers of different heroes. It will be very helpful to fight with the invading Bosses.

Modify your Hero

To make your hero look unique from other heroes, you can customise him with different outfits. You will also be able to get some superpowers that will help you to modify your hero.

Participate in Multiplayer Challenges

Apart from the daily challenges, this game also includes the multiplayer challenges in which you can play with the online players. By winning these challenges, you can get extra rewards.

Chat feature available

If you are playing the multiplayer mode then you can easily navigate with your opponents with the help of the chat feature that is available in this game.

Daily Rewards

This game contains the daily events and by participating in these events, you can unlock so many rewards that will help you to proceed in this game.

Why do people like Kingdom Guard Pro APK?

People like Kingdom Guard Pro APK because in this version, they do not have to unlock any Mode. They can simply participate in the multiplayer challenges and they will also be able to use the chat feature to navigate with their friends. In this version, you can have access to all the daily events.

Download Kingdom Guard Pro APK Latest Version 2023

This is the advanced version of this game in which you will face no restrictions, all the modes of this game are unlocked. But if you want to get these advantages then you have to pay the subscription charges for this game.

Kingdom Guard APK 2023 Download

By downloading Kingdom Guard APK 2023, you will have access to all the new features of this game.

Final Verdict

This is an amazing game where you are going to participate in various events. These events will help you to get rewards and you will also be able to unlock new modes. But if you want to get advanced features of this game, you should download Kingdom Guard Pro APK.


Q. How do you customise your hero in Kingdom Guard?

You can modify your hero with different magic powers in this game.

Q. How can I improve my powers in Kingdom Guard?

To improve your powers you can upgrade your character in Kingdom guard.

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