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We use the random chatting apps to communicate with our friends but if we send requests to any stranger on this app then they are not able to know about our style and our different habits. That’s why this creates a lot of confusion if we meet any of our online friends in real life. If you want to avoid such situations then you can go for the app called IMVU that stands for in my virtual universe.

This name pretty much suits the app as it provides the users the right to create their own Avatar. You can choose your face features and even your body type on this app and create your own Avatar. In this way people would be able to know how you look and what kind of a style you own. You can also shop for different clothing and add it to your character. Apart from this there are 3D and 2D chats available on this app. If you do not know how to use it then you can have a look at this article.

What is the IMVU app?

IMVU is an application that will allow you to create your own virtual image. You can create your avatar which resembles yourself and you can even shop for clothes so that you can better define your style. There are also so many accessories available that you can buy for your character. Apart from it you are free to make friends on this app and it also provides you with customised emojis you can send and receive photos and videos as well. The 2D and 3D chats are also available.

What is the IMVU MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the IMVU app. In the regular version you will need credits to shop for clothes and accessories for your Avatar and it can only be collected if you login on this app on a daily basis. If you want to collect these credits without doing anything then you can download IMVU Mod APK because it will provide you with unlimited credits, rewards and removal of ads.

How to shop on the IMVU app?

There is a shop available in the IMVU app that will provide you different accessories and clothes for your virtual image but you need to earn credits to buy these accessories and clothes for your avatar. The credits can only be earned if you login on to this app on a daily basis. But it will take a lot of time to collect enough credits to buy the clothes. That’s why you can download the IMVU Mod APK to get unlimited credits.

How can I whisper on IMVU?

You can send Whisper on the IMVU app. To do this you will have to go to your profile and then click on your avatar . After clicking that you will see some options. There is also an option to whisper in it. Click on the Whisper and type the message and it will directly be sent to the user you want.

Features of the IMVU app

Create your Virtual Character

It is an app that gives you a chance to use your creativity to create your own virtual character that will be visible to all your friends in this app.

Earn Rewards

You can earn a lot of rewards in this app by logging on to this app on a daily basis and you can also receive rewards from your friends as well.

Buy clothes for your Avatar

You can accessorize your character and can also buy clothes for it. Choose the clothes depending on your style.

Use Customized Emoji

This app also provides customised emojis resembling your avatar.

Chat with your friends

It is a communication app that’s why you are free to make as many friends as you can and chat with your friends. There are 2D and 3D chats also available on it.

Features of the IMVU MOD APK

Unlimited Credits

In the modified version of this application you will receive unlimited credits.

Unlimited Rewards

You can get so many rewards in the modified version of the IMVU app.

No advertisement

There are no ads in the IMVU Mod APK.


If you want to create your own virtual image and talk to your friends in such a form then you can use the IMVU app. You can send messages to your friends and there are also voice messages available. If you want unlimited credits in this app then you can download the IMVU Mod APK.


Q. Can I send voice messages on the IMVU app?

Yes, you can send voice messages on the IMVU app.

Q. How to know if someone is online on the IMVU app?

The IMVU app sends notifications to other friends whenever a friend is online and wants to talk.

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