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Whenever we have to shift to a new society we have to make a lot of efforts to adjust to it. Same is the case with the Home Street game. In this game, you have shifted into a new society and in a new home. In this game, you have to develop your home with different interior designs so that you can have your dream home. There are various Tasks in this game that include the planting task, the cooking task and the painting tasks. By completing these tasks, you will be able to earn money and you can use this money to modify your home.

You can interact with other people in the society and enjoy having fun with them. There is also the Builder experience in this game that will help you to complete the construction of other buildings in streets.

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In Home Street, you will play the role of a character that has shifted to a new society. As this is your new home, you have to decorate it by yourself. You need to do various tasks in this game so that you can get money and after that, you can buy new furniture and accessories for your home. You can also interact with your neighbours and have fun with them

Features of Home Street APK

Have your New home

In the Home Street game, you will have your new home but there is no furniture or any decoration items. So you have to work hard in order to get money that will help you to decorate your home.

Interact with Neighbours

In this game, you can interact with your new society members and can also organise parties. You can have fun with each other and can also share your ideas regarding different things.

Choose and modify your character

There are various characters available in this game. You can choose any character that you want and you can also modify them with different hairstyles and looks to make them look like yourself.

Complete Tasks to earn Money

There are a variety of tasks in this game that include cleaning the garden area, doing the dishes, washing the clothes etc . By completing these tasks, you will be able to earn money and you can use this money for various purposes.

Design your Interior

You can design the interior of your house however you want. You can buy different decoration items and furniture for your home to convert it into your dream house.

Complete Constructions

There are some buildings in your society that are incomplete. You can also use your money to complete the constructions of these buildings. You can decorate these buildings with the help of money.

Multiple Events

You will be able to become a part of different events in this game and by completing these events, you can unlock new buildings and items in this game.

Unlocked Tasks

All the tasks are unlocked in the modified version of this game which means you can easily unlock different items by completing these tasks.

Unlimited Coins

You will also be able to receive unlimited coins in the modified version of the Home Street game which means you will not have to complete any task in order to collect coins.

No Restrictions

You will not have to face any kind of restrictions in the modified version of the Home Street game.

Why do people like Home Street MOD APK?

People like Home Street Mod APK because in this version, they will not have to face any kind of restrictions. They are going to have unlimited coins in this version and all the tasks are also unlocked. In this way, they can decorate their home with expensive items and they can also complete the constructions of buildings.

Download Home Street MOD APK Latest Version 2023

It is the hacked version of the Home Street game. It is more preferred by the beginners because they can explore all the different features of this game in this version. They can get unlimited coins that will help them to decorate their home however they want and they will also be able to get unlocked gameplay in this version.

Home Street APK 2023 Download

If you want to get the latest updates of this game then you should download Home Street APK 2023.

Final Verdict

In Home Street, you can enjoy the life in your neighbourhood, you can interact with other society members and can also decorate your home by completing the tasks. But if you want to get unlimited coins in this game, you should download the Home Street Mod APK.


Q. How do you earn Money in Home Street APK?

You can add money by completing the tasks in this game.

Q. Is there a multiplayer mode in Home Street APK?

Yes, there is a multiplayer mode in home Street APK.

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