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Hill of Steel is a game in which you can drive your vehicles on hilly areas. This game features a variety of vehicles that contain some special abilities. You can use the special powers to defeat your opponent and you can even destroy their vehicle with the help of them. The collection of vehicles is very diverse. You can even get a Helicopter and tank in this game and equip it with special powers.

There are various characters in this game and you can easily pick your favourite one. It also includes the team battles that will help you to get a lot of rewards in this game. You can also participate in the online Battles of this game so that you can earn money and buy new vehicles for yourself.

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Hills of Steel is a simulation game in which you can interact with other players and can also make use of your special powers to destroy other vehicles. You can get a variety of vehicles in this game and you can also upgrade them to equip them with special powers. There are different locations in this game where you can drive your vehicles.

Features of Hills Of Steel APK

Addictive physics based tank game

In this game, you have to drive on hilly areas that are not very easy. It also supports realistic physics which means that you can meet an accident anytime. That’s why you need to be careful. The controls of this game are very simple that are available on your screen.

Drive heavy armoured tanks

In this game, you can drive a tank in different areas but there is an option to equip your tank with different weapons and powers that will help you to destroy the vehicles of your opponent. You can get laser beams, bullets and so many other weapons equipped to your tank.

Collect loot from enemies

This game includes multiplayer battles in which you can compete with your friends and you can even participate in the team battles. By winning these battles, you can get the possession of your opponent as well.

Boost your vehicles by upgrading

To increase the abilities of your vehicle, you can upgrade them. It will help you to get a better speed and you will also be able to increase the efficiency of the weapons that you have with your tank.

Climb ranking on leaderboard

This game organises a lot of leaderboard challenges that will help you to get a rank on the leaderboard. You have to beat other players so that you can become the number one player of this game.

Unlock special tanks

There are a lot of special thanks available in this game that will help you to defeat your opponents. In order to get the special tanks, you have to unlock them by completing the challenges in this game.

Survival mode

There is a Survival mode in this game where you have to deal with a lot of other online players and you have to survive the attacks of your opponents to become the winner.

Versus mode

You can also participate in the online multiplayer mode that includes the 2 vs 2 Battle as well.

All tanks unlocked

If you download the premium version of Hills of Steel game then you will be able to get free tanks which means there is no need to unlock any tank by completing missions.

Ads free

You will not get disturbed by the interruption of any unwanted ads in the premium version of this game.

Why do people like Hills Of Steel Premium APK?

People like Hills of Steel Premium APK as in this version, they do not have to struggle in order to unlock their favourite tank as all of them are free from restrictions. They will also be able to get unlimited money and an ads free environment.

Download Hills Of Steel Premium APK latest version of 2023

The premium version of Hills of Steel is very beneficial for the beginners as they can have all of their favourite tanks for free. But they need to buy the premium subscription of this app to get these features.

Hills Of Steel APK 2023 Download

By downloading Hills of Steel APK 2023, you will get all the latest updates of this game.

Final Verdict

This is an action game where you can make use of the armour of your tanks to defeat your opponent. You can also upgrade your tank to increase its abilities. But in order to get the advanced features of this game, you can download Hills of Steel Premium apk.


Q. How do you unlock vehicles in Hills of Steel APK?

You have to complete challenges to unlock vehicles in this game.

Q. Can I participate in team battles in Hills of Steel APK?

Yes, you can participate in the team battles in this game.

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