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If you are a soccer game lover, then we are going to introduce an awesome game with you which has so much fun and entertainment for you. Head ball 2 is that game which is also known by head ball soccer because it is a sports game. This is an award winning game because It is downloaded by millions of players. That’s why head ball 2 games have top ratings and reviews by their players.

This game is fun because it has unique features which you will never get in other soccer games. Head ball 2 is a one on one player game in which you have to score a goal in order to win against your opponent. You will also get many super powers which you can use against your opponent but you have to unlock them first. In this game you will get multiple gaming modes which you can play with your friends and other real players around the globe.

Head ball 2 is fully optimized, that’s why it runs smooth but to get a good experience from this game, make sure to play this game on a good , updated smart device. This game has no lagging issues so it will always give you the best result. Now let’s have a look at the other features of head ball 2 game.

What is Head Ball 2 APK?

Head ball 2 game is launched by masomo gaming developers on the internet in standard version. This version of head ball 2 is free to download, which means you don’t need to spend your money to get this game. In this version you will get many features and items for free which means you can use them whenever you want for free but it also has some premium features and items which are paid.

For paid things you have to spend your real money to get them otherwise you cannot enjoy them. You also have to accept all permissions in the standard version to play this game. While playing head ball 2 game in standard version you will also see ads in it. There is so much in this game that you might have not expected so let’s have a look.

What is Head Ball 2 Mod APK?

This is the modified version of head ball 2 which is pretty awesome because it has amazing specialties and features which you will never get in the standard version. Head ball 2 game in mod version is completely free which means you don’t even have to purchase anything in it because mod version gives you full access over everything for free.

You can use all premium characters, stadiums, powers and other items for free without paying anything. You will never see ads in the modified version of head ball 2 because this version is completely free from advertisements. You can enjoy a full game without any disturbance because there will be no interruption.

Awesome Graphics

Head ball 2 game has awesome graphics because it comes in very high resolution which makes it realistic while playing. This game has 2D graphics but detailing’s are very high and it has unique visual effects that you will see in this game. Colors are sharp and vivid which gives this game an attractive look.

High graphics always make a game good because people love those games that come with great graphics. That’s why head ball 2 has dynamic graphics which makes this game more enjoyable.

Different Characters

This soccer game has more than 100 plus different characters and all characters are completely different from each other. Each character has different accuracy, power and strength which means in this game you will get lots of different options in the form of characters.

You will get many characters for free but many of them will be completely locked so you have to work hard for them in order to unlock them. It also has some legendary characters and to unlock them you buy a card pack to get those characters.

Play with World

Head ball 2 has a multiplayer feature in which you can play this game with your friends and other real players around the globe. This game offers you a player vs player match in online multiplayer. You can add different players around the world to play with them. Add them in your friend list so whenever they come online you can send them a challenge to play friendly matches.

In online mode you will get many unique rewards but first you have to win different matches against real players. Head ball 2 game multiplayer feature will never let you bore so you don’t need to stick with the same mode.

Career Mode

This game has many awesome modes for you to play. It has a career mode where you will get hundreds of different challenges which you can play to raise your rank up. In this mode you will get many rewards like coins, fans, diamonds, special cards, powers and many other awesome things which you can use to customize your character.

In career mode you can see the global leaderboard to see how it is top. You can also become a part of the global board but you have to work hard to complete career mode in head ball 2 game.


Customization features are very important especially when you have multiple characters in a game. Head ball 2 also has this great feature where you can customize your players with multiple things like glasses, shoes, kit, caps and many other things.

These customizations also help you to upgrade your character in speed, jump, shooting and size. So whenever you customize your player make sure to use the best items because it will improve your player powers and game. Win events and different gaming tournaments to unlock new items for customization. Create a powerful player and become an unbeatable player of head ball 2.

Multiple Powers

This feature is very entertaining because this game has many different powers for their player which they can use against each other. You will get powers like bomb, freeze, fire ball, big head, speed and many others crazy powers. You can use these powers to beat your opponent while playing.

You can also upgrade your powers to increase the time duration of them because that’s how you can easily win against your opponent. But be careful because your opponent has the same powers so you need to tackle them otherwise you won’t be able to survive for long.


Commentary always brings fun and entertainment in any sports that’s why head ball 2 games have this amazing feature for their players. You can download the commentary in this game so whenever you enter a match, the commentary will automatically start.

This feature will never let you bore from this game because it always welcomes you in this game which is why people love this game. If you are also a person who loves soccer games with proper commentary, then play head ball 2 because it is just made for you.

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

In the standard version of this game you have to work hard to get coins and diamonds and for this purpose you have to participate in different events and tournaments. But in the mod version of head ball 2 you don’t need to win every time to earn coins and diamonds because in this version you will get unlimited gold coins and diamonds.

You can easily use these gold coins and diamonds to buy multiple things like powers and characters. With the mod version you can easily upgrade all your characters because money will never run out.

No Advertisements

You can play head ball 2 without any kind of disturbance because there will be no ads in the mod version. You will never see video or popup ads at the end of your game because this version doesn’t contain ads. Mod version of head ball 2 is completely free from any kind of ads so you can play this game peacefully because there will be no interruption while playing this game.

All Characters

Head ball 2 game has more than 100 plus different characters but many of them will be locked or paid which means you have to unlock them or you have to purchase them. But in the mod version you will get all characters including premium and legendary.

Because the mod version gives you a complete game fully unlocked which means you don’t have to play the whole game to unlock your favorite character. You don’t have to buy any character in the mod version because all paid and legendary characters will be free in this version.

Unlimited Powers

This feature is very awesome because in the standard version you have to earn powers by winning different matches or you have to spend your coins and diamonds on them. That’s why the modified version of this game gives you complete relief over powers.

In mod version you don’t need to buy powers because you will get unlimited powers which you can use against your opponents. There will be no limits or restrictions so you will be free to use them in any match. If you also want this awesome feature for free then download this game in mod version.

Free Cards Pack

Head ball 2 games have many different card packs in which you get multiple rewards like powers, characters, upgrades, coins, diamonds and other useful items. You have to purchase those packs but in the mod version you don’t need to spend your money because you will get them all for free. You can use them all to get awesome rewards which you can use to make your game epic.

Free to Downloan

This game is 100% free of cost and we are sure you would be so happy to know about it. You will never have to pay anything in the form of subscription charges to get this game and play it.
Dynamic graphics
Awesome visual and sound effects


Multiple powerful characters
Different powers to use
Event and tournaments
Daily rewards
Multiple stadiums to play
Online multiplayer feature
Different missions
Easy to play


Have paid features
Contains ads


Head ball 2 is an awesome game to play because it has the best features which helps to kill boredom. You can share this game with your friends and family because it has multiplayer features too. It has everything that you need to entertain yourself.

So if you are also excited to play this game then download it from our website by clicking the download button. Play head ball 2 games and become a pro player of it. Before you leave, share your thoughts about this game in the comment section.

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