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Rockstar games are always very attractive for the PC gamers because these games will provide you with a great story line with great graphics and controls. Just like that, the GTA series is launched by them and that gets popular on PC in a very short time. There have been many new editions of this series in recent times and the most famous of them is GTA 4.

It is one of the best role playing games and by seeing the craze of it, its mobile version is also launched on the app stores. You can easily download it. This game provides you with a great story line with easy to understand controls. You will have different weapons that you have to operate and you have to complete different missions.

What is the GTA 4 APK?

GTA 4 is a role playing game in which you can explore the whole city of America. The main points are Vegas and New Jersey where you have to complete different tasks and missions that are given to you by different people. You will also have different cars and vehicles on the road and you can steal them. You can drive any vehicle of the game like Jet, helicopter boat, bikes, supercars and many more. You have to drive different vehicles on different missions, you will have to fight against different Enemies and you will have to operate the best weapons that you have against them.

What is the GTA 4 mod APK?

The simple version of this game is very enjoyable and attractive. But to make this more enjoyable and a great experience for you we have provided you with our modified version of this game which is made with lots of effort by our developers. This version is called GTA 4 Mod APK and in this version you will have many more things to do. Like you will have the supercars available on the road and you can steal them. You will also have unlimited money in it.

Can we drive boats in GTA 4?

This game character is going to be a multi-talented person because you can drive any vehicle of the game as well as the boats. You can easily drive boats on the rivers and seas to complete your missions or while you are simply exploring the whole city. you will have super boats also available in this game.

How to buy a house in GTA 4?

In this game you will have the Map available on the top of your screen when you click on this map there are different destination marks. On these destinations you will also see a point in the house shape and by reaching that point you will have different houses available that you can buy.

Features of the GTA 4 APK

Stunning graphics

This game provides you with stunning and realistic graphics that look so beautiful and you will love to explore the city.


You will experience a great storyline in this game and every mission and task are related to that storyline.

Buy and steal vehicles

In this game you can buy different supercars with the money you will get after completing different missions and you can also steal any vehicle from the road.

Hard missions

When You are close to the end of this game there will be many hard missions that are very difficult to complete.


To change your character’s physical appearance you can also go to the gym in this game.

Features of the GTA 4 mod APK

Unlimited money

In this game you will need money for lots of things like buying houses and vehicles. In this modified version we will provide you unlimited money.

Supercars mod

You will find lots of supercars on the roads in this position and you can steal them easily to enjoy driving them.

No ads

In the standard version you will experience some ads that are not comfortable for everyone. So for this reason we have removed all the annoying ads in this version.


If you play the recent Rockstar Games then you will know how interesting and popular these games are just like that GTA 4 is also a Masterpiece game that will provide you stunning graphics. You will have lots of different missions and tasks available to do and you can also fight with police in this game. You can buy different weapons to take down your enemies easily.


Q. How to buy weapons in GTA 4?

In GTA 4 on the map you will have a weapons destination mark and at that point you can buy different weapons in the game.

Q. How to take down police helicopters in GTA 4?

You can buy different advanced weapons like missile launchers and machine guns to fight against police in GTA 4.

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