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People usually play games for amusement or to kill boredom. But have you heard of games where you can gain certain experiences?One of such games is Grand Truck Simulator 2. This game is extremely popular among those who have their interests in driving. Apparently boys are very fond of this game and it doesn’t only kill the boredom but also provides them with multiple benefits.

This game is also loved by those who are very keen on travelling. It contains many beautiful road maps with routes across 16 European countries, having more than 60 distinct cities. Roads having famous landmarks are authentically imitated. In this game, players can discover various countries like Germany, Poland, Hungary.

The game is very realistic because of the excellent detailing of the scenes. It gives you a sense of responsibility as being a driver is a very responsible job. Moreover, different levels of this game provides you with helpful career building abilities. There are different types of trucks in this game which You have to unlock. It brings a new idea in mobile logistics simulation. Let’s check out all the features of this excellent game.

What is Grand Truck Simulator 2 APK?

This game is particularly made for those who love to drive and explore different cities of the world. In this game, the player has to drive on the roads and deliver the bulky goods to the customers without damaging them. It requires a great sense of responsibility. It is similar to driving a car but not that easy because the roads are flexible. The gamer has to earn a certain amount of money to unlock different trucks with distinct characteristics.

What is Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod APK?

This version of Grand Truck Simulator 2 provides you with unlimited money to allow you to unlock your choice of trucks having different american brand logos. You can also customise those trucks with the features of your choice and play the game according to your will without the disturbing ads.

Become an Efficient Driver

At first, the gamer has to play the game as a hired truck driver. The main task of the driver is to deliver the loaded bulky goods to their customers at different locations. Amateur drivers may face difficulties in the completion of these tasks as it is not an easy job to do. The driver has to use the control system in a clever and resilient way to control the wheels hence it is mentally very similar to driving a car in real life.

Build your Career

As you proceed in this game you will have to earn money and by earning this money you can become a boss who is incharge of an enormous company. You can also create your own brand with the help of the earned money. After that you can hire drivers according to their experiences. This will innovate your mind to think strategically and you can apply these strategies in different stages of your life and become a big name in the shipping industry.

Unlock New Trucks

At first you will drive only normal trucks but once you become experienced you can unlock and use different types of trucks. There is a vast variety of trucks in the games garage that have the logos of famous American brands on them. By unlocking these trucks you can enjoy driving any model of truck you want. But keep in mind to build a company you should have a diverse collection of trucks. After unlocking the truck you can design the truck according to your will and can add and enhance the features of the trucks. Doing this you will also get to know about the specific properties of different parts of trucks. This will boost your confidence as a driver.

Realistic Effects

Grand truck Simulation 2 is different from other games in case of the undoubtedly realistic effects and physics. This characteristic can be seen in the infrastructure of the trucks. As you proceed in the game, the truck’s engine operation leads to a decrease in pressure and oil which you have to provide to your truck after a while so that it runs smoothly. Moreover, you also have to pay frequent visits to the garage for the service of the vehicle.

Gusty Weather

To build extreme interest of the players, Grand truck Simulator 2 has gusty weather conditions to make the route difficult and indulge extreme interests for the game. The day and night system also goes along i.e the day will change into night apparently.

No Need of Internet

There is no Internet requirement to play this game. Hence you will not have to use mobile data or wifi to play the game.

Visual and Sound quality

The prime visuals of the Grand Truck Simulator keeps the players busy in enjoying their leisure time and also enables them to cope with extreme weather conditions while driving. The impressive 3D designed vehicle having amazing looks, realistic weather conditions, and the ability to personalise a vehicle will allow the gamers to enjoy every bit of it.

It also contains various soothing sounds and incredible sound effects that make you a regular player. Moreover, it is provided with brakes, engines and traffic sound effects.

Unlimited Money

In this version, you will get unlimited money which you can use to unlock trucks and build a company and become a boss.

No Ads

There are no ads in this version and you can play it without any interruption.


Having incredible surrounding and sound effects this game grabs the attention of children as well as adults. Being a very useful game, it is loved by the users and has no negative remarks. It also fulfils the urge of the travellers to visit and explore the infrastructure of different cities of the world. It is highly recommended to all the age groups. Play this game and enjoy the realistic rides.

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