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Gold and Goblins apk is a 3 D mining game. This game is present on the play store as well as on the official website. We can download it freely from the play store and official website. This game is played in both online as well as offline mode. This game is played on PC as well as on smartphones. The graphics of this game are very beautiful. This game is supported by every device OS like ios, android etc. In this game there are 60 mines that we have to discover.

In this game we have to discover more and more gold from the mine and make our goblins rich. Different weapons, vehicles are used in this game that help the goblins to discover more and more  treasure. We can also participate in different events when we are playing in online mode and make our goblins rich to win the contest.

What is Gold and Goblins apk?

Gold and Goblins apk is the mine digging game. We can download this game and in the start we have less goblins. We can dig the mine and discover the gold and treasures from it. When we discover treasure then our level will be increased as our level increases and our goblin army also increases. We need more and more goblin armies to discover more gold and discover different things from the treasure and become the richest goblin.

We can also develop our squad to play levels in the contest and win more things. As we play a level then we will go to the next level and in reward we get energy portion, gems, coins etc. through these things we can buy more weapons for next levels. Our goblins have a limited time to complete the level. If they did not dig the mine in a limited time then they will fail tha level. Every level is difficult from the previous level and for every level goblins have to increase their army.

What is Gold and Goblins mod apk?

Gold Goblins mod apk is the hacked version of the official game. In this version we get all the premium features unlocked for free. We  don’t have any need to spend any money purchasing anything or unlocking anything by seeing different advertisements. We can download this hacked version from any website other than the play store or the official website because it is not present there. We can also get rid of advertisements in this version.

We get unlimited coins, gems, and energy portions in this version which help us to buy different things for our game. We unlock different weapons like hammers, axes etc. all these features will help us to win our level more easily and go to the next level.


Following are the features of this mod apk

Unlimited Coins

We get unlimited coins for free with which we can buy different weapons and other things for our game.

Unlimited Gems

We get unlimited gems with which we can upgrade our goblins army and also upgrade different weapons to different levels which will help us to complete the level more easily.

Unlimited Energy Portion

We get an unlimited energy portion that will increase the energy of digging our goblin team. We also get different bonuses and stars for free.

Unlimited Cards

We get unlimited cards that will increase the strength of our army, squads and also tools. With this we can fastly complete more and more levels.

Unlimited weapons

We get all the weapons and tools unlocked for free and we can select any tool that we require to play a specific level.

Ad Free

All the things are unlocked for free so now no need to see any ad to unlock anything so we get rid of ads in this version.

Enhanced Goblin Army

The goblin army is also increased through that we can easily complete difficult levels and discover more treasure.


Gold and Goblins apk is the mining game in which we have goblins army that can dig the mine and discover different treasures and gold to become more and more rich. In this we can unlock different tools and things that will help in further levels to complete that level.

In this game we have 60 mines that we can dig and discover gold. From treasure we can get different things. We can also increase our army to complete next levels easily. In this gem we have limited time to dig a mine. To enjoy unlimited features for free we can download its hacked version Gold and Goblins mod apk from any website.

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