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Like all the other Sports, football also has different roles. For example, you can either play as a part of a team and you can also play as a goalkeeper. But there are no football games that will allow you to do so. Football Strike is the only soccer game that will allow you to play as a goalkeeper. Apart from playing with a team, you can also play as a kicker or a striker in which you just have to hit the football in order to throw it into the net.

This game also features that team mode where you can be a part of a team and help them to become the winners. If you want to become a better player then you need to complete the career mode. you also have to get 3 stars in the career mode to unlock other levels.

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Football Strike is a game in which you can enjoy every aspect of a soccer match. In this game, you can either become a guard of the net and stop the players from making a goal and you can also play the role of a striker. This game contains various championships in which you can become a part of any Professional football team.

Features of Football Strike APK

Select your favourite player

In Football Strike, you can play the role of any of your favourite football players and you can also create your own player by developing different skills. You can also select particular traits of your football player.

Play as a Striker

If you are not interested in Team Battle or just want to strike a goal then you can go for the striker mode that is available in this game. In this mode, you have to carefully hit the football so that it can directly fall into the net.

Guard the Net

This game also features the mode in which you have to guard the net so that no other player can make a goal. This is the special mode in this game that is not available in other soccer games.

Collect Stars

This game features a career mode that contains multiple levels. In these levels, you have to collect three stars in order to unlock new levels and modes of this game.

Develop your skills

During the career mode, you will be able to collect experience points that will help you to develop new skills and will help you to complete your goals easily.

Win Championships

This game also organises online championships in which you can become a part of your favourite team and fight against your rivals. By winning these championships, you can get various rewards.

Get new football kit

During this game, you will be able to collect a new football kit that will help you to change the appearance of your footballer and will also help him to develop new abilities.

Unlocked Levels

If you want to have access to all the levels without a need to unlock them then you should download the premium version of Football Strike.

Free Shopping

In the premium version of Football Strike, you will be able to buy any helping item from the store without a need to pay money.

Free from ads

The only annoying thing about this game is the unwanted ads but you can remove them by getting the premium version of it.

Why do people like Football Strike Premium APK?

People are a fan of Football Strike Premium APK because this version provides them with Free shopping and there is no need to collect money in order to get the new football kit. They will also be able to get an unlocked version of this game.

Download Football Strike Premium APK Latest Version 2023

In the regular version of Football Strike a player has to struggle a lot in order to collect money or a new football kit. To remove these struggles, the user can buy the premium version of this game.

Football Strike APK 2023 Download

To get the latest updates and features of Football Strike, you can download Football Strike APK 2023 from our website.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of soccer games in the market but Football Strike is the one that will provide you with different modes in which you can even play as a goalkeeper. This game also includes online tournaments. But in order to get free shopping, you need to download the premium version of this game.


Q. How do you get new football kits in Football Strike APK?

To get new football kits, you have to complete the levels in this game.

Q. How do you unlock new levels in Football Strike APK?

To unlock new levels, you have to collect three stars in this game.

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