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If you are getting bored in your free time and you want to experience the best role playing game on your smartphone. So today I am going to talk about the game which is called Evertale. In this game you will have a very interesting storyline in which the people of Erden suffer a disaster every 100 years and everything gets destroyed there. But this time this disaster has come pretty quickly after 18 years and you have to save Erden from those dark forces. You have to prepare yourself and the people of the Erden to fight against those forces. There are lots of Heroes that will be with you in your group to beat your enemies.

What is the Evertale APK?

It is the best role playing game that you can play on your Android and IOS smartphone. In this game there will be lots of different things that you have to do. In this game your task is to save Erden from the dark forces. Erden will suffer a disaster every 100 years but this time comes quickly after just 18 years. Some heroes and young people decided to end this all to save Erden. You have to fight against different Enemies and you have to capture different Monsters to make your group stronger to fight against dark forces.

What is the Evertale mod APK?

In the simple version it will be hard to get money and resources like gold and food. You will also need many advanced weapons when you have to fight against your enemies. So for this reason we have provided you with the mod version of this game which is called Evertale Mod APK. In this version you will have unlimited gold and food available and you can easily get more powerful weapons for your group.

How is the sound quality of Evertale?

Well this game will provide you the best sound quality when you are fighting against Enemies and when you are launching different magic spells on your enemy to defeat them. The sound quality is the best you will find in any game. That’s why this game has got lots of active users.

How many SSR characters are available in Evertale?

SSR characters are the main characters of this game. These characters will increase your group strength so much and you will be able to fight against powerful Enemies and dark forces. There are many SSR characters available in this game. There are almost 70 of them that you can unlock.

Features of the Evertale APK

Train your people

In this game you have to train your people so that you can teach them different strategies and tricks that they can use in a flight.

Powerful monster’s

There are many powerful Monsters available in this game. You can catch these monsters and you can take them in your group to increase your strength.

SSR heroes

SSR heroes are the most powerful characters in this game and with these characters in your groups you can easily defeat your enemies.

Make a powerful team

In this game you have to make a powerful team of heroes and young people and you have to teach them the right strategy against different enemies.

Amazing sound and graphics

This game provides you amazing sound and graphics while you are fighting against Enemies and you are throwing your special magical spells.

Features of the Evertale mod APK

Unlimited silvers

In the standard version it will be hard to collect silvers but in this version of the game you will have unlimited silvers available.

Unlimited gold

You will need lots of gold for the people of Erden and in this modified version you will have unlimited gold available.

No ads

In the simple version of this game you will mostly get distracted by the ads. But in this version developers have removed all the unwanted ads.


If you want to get the experience of the best role playing game available on the App Store on your smartphone then you should definitely download Evertale. Because it is the best role playing game available for the Smartphones right now. In this game you have to save the people of the Erdone from the dark forces because the Erden will suffer a disaster every 100 years and because of this disaster everything will get destroyed but this time it comes just after 18 years. You have to form a large group of heroes and young people to fight against enemies.


Q. Who is the best character in the Evertale?

Endless Rizzet(dark) and Ludmilla (light) are the best characters in the Evertale.

Q. How do you beat ossia?

The trick to beat the boss ossia is to keep attacking and you don’t have to let your spirit gauge go below 4.

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