EMERGENCY HQ APK + MOD (Move Speed Multiplier)

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Aug 11, 2023
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EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK will introduce you to a world of super firefighters. In the game, you are not an ordinary firefighter but the one who has countless other super abilities and skills.


Your task is to control a special firefighter, or a paramedic, or maybe a policeman… with superhuman abilities. He has not only taken on the main task of fighting fires but also rescuing animals, saving people’s lives, fighting terrorism, and many other difficult jobs. Well, if you are curious, let’s see more about the gameplay of this rather strange tactical simulation role-playing game.


EMERGENCY HQ is a tactical simulation and role-playing game. But you are not a normal civilian but an emergency fire force commander. The main mission is to deal with emergencies taking place in the city, managing a diligent staff and modern advanced vehicles. Being present at the right time, doing the right thing at an extremely fast speed, which is the success factor of this game.

Actually, to say that you will manage the Fire Department, I don’t think it’s very reasonable. It should be called the Manager of the Quick Response Force. Because at the same time, you will have to command all 4 quick response units with different functions and missions. These four forces, depending on the situation, will provide the right number of staff and vehicles needed to rescue the city’s residents. Whatever you do, in the end, you have to help those in need, protect the life safety for all and even for the staff in your force.

The four quick response units under your command include:

Fire Department Firefighters

Hospital medical staff

Construction engineer of the Department of Construction

Police Department’s Self-Defense Officer

The main tasks of these units are also very different: Firefighters save people from fires, medical workers are responsible for the health and injury of the entire city, civil engineers will specialize in building facilities for the Department to respond quickly and respond to other teams when needed, and defensive police are for situations where the city encounter terrorists, attackers or incidents involving weapons.

There are many difficult situations, can your brain handle them?

You are the master of it all. You will constantly receive urgent information from people in the city, you will be the one to decide which team to come and solve the situation urgently. Sometimes it’s not just one unit, but 2-3 units at the same time, they work together quickly to handle it completely. When there is this combination, the number of dispatched employees in each unit should also be considered reasonably. Too many employees will waste resources, too few employees will be unbalanced and unable to handle the problem.

For example, when terrorists infiltrate the city, set fire to a building, and take the people hostage. You will have to send out the Police, Medics, and Firefighters to prevent any worst-case scenario.

And sometimes emergencies don’t just happen in one place at a time. But at the same time, there can be a lot of extremely painful things happening. They force you to allocate forces correctly, make decisions for human resource management and have extremely high potential. So that when it is finished, both human resources are preserved, and equipment is not damaged, and especially the human life in the city will not be dented.

At the same time, as a senior manager, you also need to constantly make equally difficult decisions: when to equip new equipment for firefighters, how to connect pipelines faucets to public water poles in the city to ensure the fire is handled most quickly, or when medical staff should be added to avoid overloading, but still not exceed the assigned budget, or when new headquarters should be built and police should be equipped with more advanced guns…

During the game, countless speechless situations take place, making you confused not knowing who to send on missions. For example, if a time bomb is planted, who will do it? Policeman or engineer? Then should the others be rescued before the bomb is removed because the situation is too urgent?… Overall, it’s quite a headache with a game that seems to be as simple as this.

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