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You must have played a lot of War games in the 3D graphics that are very intense and very difficult to control because in such games the damage level is also very high. In today’s article we are going to talk about a game which has 2D graphics. But the intensity of the war is up to the Mark. This game is called Clone Armies and it is the production of Elecube.

In this you will fight with an army which is a clone of your army which means that all the weapons that you will collect will also be available to the army that is fighting with you. The two armies are divided by the colour, one is in blue colour and the second is in red. In this game you will have to manage your Army in such a way that you can defeat the opposing Army easily. Whenever you fail a level the game will start  all over again and you will get to see a clone of yourself. If you think that this concept is interesting then we recommend you to read this article.

What is the Clone Armies game?

Clone Armies is an action game in which you will play the role of a military commander and he will have to manage his troops to fight with the rival Army. You will be in the blue army and you will have to fight with the opposing army which is in red colour. In this game you will be able to upgrade your soldiers as well.

What is the Clone Armies MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the clone Armies game. In this modified version you will be able to get unlimited money with the help of which you can upgrade your soldiers easily. You will also be able to play all the levels in this game as all of them will be unlocked.

What happens when you fail a level in Clone Armies?

Whenever you will get killed in the Clone Armies you will be able to play the game from the very start . But there will be an addition of your clone who will help you to fight with the enemies but as you will get new clones the difficulty level of the game will also increase.

How to know the strength of a soldier in Clone Armies?

Whenever the soldiers will be fighting you will be able to see the bars on their head. These bars will give you the hint about the strength of a soldier but you will also be able to upgrade their strength with the help of the money that you will collect.

Features of the Clone Armies game

Strategic gameplay

It is a strategic Gameplay in which you will have to use your mind in order to defeat your enemies because in this game the enemies will be your clone and they will repeat every move that you will do so that you will need a good plan to destroy the rival army.

Get clones with each defeat

Whenever you will get killed by the rival Army you will be able to restart the game but there will be a clone of yourself who will help you to find the Minions, but when the army members of the rival Army will die no clones will be generated.

Participate in multiple quests

There will be so many interesting missions in this game in which you can participate and earn the revenue that you will need in this game afterwards.

Upgrade your soldiers

Each soldier has a different strength level and you will be able to increase the strength by upgrading your soldiers.

Multiplayer mode

This game contains so many interesting modes and in the multiplayer mode you will be able to invite your friends and play with them as well. In this way you can fight the battles with your friends.

Features of the Clone Armies MOD APK

Free Upgrades

In this hacked version you will be able to upgrade your soldiers for free.

Unlimited Money

You also get unlimited money in this hacked version of Clone Armies.

No interruptions

There will be no interruptions while playing the clone Armies mod APK


If you are ready to fight the intense battles in the Clone Armies then don’t forget to make a strategic plan in order to destroy the rival Army. You can also upgrade your weapons and soldiers in this game but if you want to get free access to all the upgrades then Clone Armies Mod APK will really help you out.


Q. Is Clone Armies free to play?

Yes, the Clone Armies game is completely free to play.

Q. What do the bars on soldiers indicate in Clone Armies?

These Bars indicate the strength level of the soldiers.

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