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City theft simulator.
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Some people have the habit of getting everything that they see but sometimes they do not have the money to get those things and that’s why they steal things from others and in this way The Gangsters and Thieves come into the society. Stealing in real life is a big crime and that’s why you will not be able to escape from the cops if you steal anything in the world around you. The people who have the inner urge to snatch things can go for different simulating games for example one simulating game is City Theft Simulator.

In this game all you will have to do is to Steal things from people moving around and there is no holds barred, you can snatch anything that you see whether it is money, vehicle, any device, instrument or anything. In this game you will also get a chance to perform in different missions and Gang Wars and you will have to survive these wars in order to become the biggest Thief in the City. If you want an in depth review of this game then read this article.

What is the City Theft Simulator game?

It is an action game in which your goal is to become the biggest Thief of the city. In this game you can snatch anything from the people that are moving around you. Apart from snatching you will also be able to participate in different missions and Quests that will occur in this game. There will be so many gang wars in which you will have to fight with the other gangs and as you are a thief you will also be chased by the cops and you will also have to run out of their radar in order to survive.

What is the City Theft Simulator MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the City Theft Simulator game. In this hacked version you will be able to get a lot of additional advantages. For example you will get unlimited money in this game with the help of which you can buy several weapons for yourself that will help you to survive in The Gang Wars and the police chases. All the missions and locations Will Be unlocked in this game you will also get rid of the ads in this hacked version.

What Can I do in the City Theft Simulator game?

This game has been made by taking inspiration from the GTA Vice City and everything is the same in this game but the only change in this game is the variety of missions and the graphics. In this game you will have to snatch things from the people that you will come across in the City and there are no restrictions on the objects that you can steal whether it is a car, bike, money or even a mobile you can snatch them from the citizens.

How to earn gems in the City Theft Simulator?

In this game you will collect gems depending upon the things that you will snatch from the people. For example if you snatch vehicles you will get more gems and if you snatch mobile phones or any accessory then there will be less Gems. In order to collect more wealth you can participate in different Quests and missions that will occur in this game.

Features of the City Theft Simulator game

Amazing Visuals

This simulation game features amazing visuals that will provide you with a Clearer View of the city.

Snatch anything you see

As it is a theft simulator hence you will be able to snatch anything that you see in this game.

Unlock missions

In order to participate in missions you will first have to unlock them and only then will you be able to play these missions.

Equip yourself with weapons

You will have to equip yourself with weapons so that you can survive in the gang wars.

Rob a bank

In order to become the biggest Thief of the city you can also rob a bank to collect more wealth.

Features of the City Theft Simulator MOD APK

Unlocked Quests

This version provides you access to all the quests and missions in this game.

Unlimited Money

You will also receive unlimited money in this hacked version.

God mode

You will be able to survive All The Attacks from the other gangs and the cops.


City theft simulator is an amazing experience for those people who were once a fan of GTA Vice City but this game also has some special elements that will make you addicted to it. If you do not want to put efforts to unlock different missions in this game then you can download City Theft Simulator Mod APK.


Q. How to unlock different missions in City Theft Simulator?

You will have to use gems to unlock different missions in this game.

Q. Is City Theft Simulator an open world game?

Yes, you are free to roam anywhere in this game.

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