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Aug 9, 2023
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If you are bored of living alone or being an introvert. You sure want a company and friends. Chamet is the application that will help you finding your new friends. Chamet is an online 1 on 1 social media application where you can do chat, video call or if you are camera shy, go for voice call. It is more of a FaceTime to strangers where you can develop good bonds with anyone in the world. You can do match making and talk to people of your choice. All Ids are guaranteed real and Chamet Developers are always cracking down against fakers and false Ids. You can either make a SOLO Room where you will host live sessions or private sessions too. This app is in 5 different languages and you will have no language barrier to communicate with anyone. Use coins to unlock exclusive features and much more. Download Now!

What is Chamet Apk?

Chamet apk is basic version to download. In this download, you are free to enjoy all basic features which include personalised choice of call selection and you can use coins to access exclusive or VIP users as well. This is best app to connect and spend time online with strangers. If you find one for you, you can even start private sessions and make them close friends as well.

What is Chamet Mod Apk?

Chamet Mod apk is premium download package for you. In this download you are able to spend unlimited Chamet coins to access exclusive features. You can spend these coins to link up with VIP users or unlimited skips while finding your online pal. It also opts out all the unnecessary ads which makes the experience a bit boring. You can unlock filters and access the beauty cams as well.

Can we host our private sessions?

Yes, we can host our private session with anyone want. It is a very safe and secure application which focuses on keeping the privacy of users even when private sessions are not conducted.

Is Chamet restricted in Pakistan?

No, it is not restricted or banned in Pakistan. It is available in most of the countries and consideration Number 1 Top Grossing social media application even bypassing Facebook too.

Can we do Video Calls on Chamet?

Yes, Chamet is more like a facetime to new people all around the world. You can connect with anyone and users all around the world typically attends within seconds and responds to your video calls.


Party Room

Party room is more like a private session in which you can host your live sessions adding up to 5 people of your choice. You can invite, ban, kick or restrict users of your choice. In this session, you can either do chat or voice call. More of all, you have an option to host video call session with 5 participants.

Voice Call

If you are camera shy and do not want to let world know how beautiful you are? Don’t worry. Voice call feature is available for you. You can start high quality voice call with anyone of your choice or you can skip if you find it boring to talk to any specific. Voice chat rooms are made to participate several together and have a good gossip there.

Interactive Games

Games are always interesting to play and when you start playing with people around, a sense of competition is build up and everyone is engaged even if anyone’s unwilling. You can play several interactive and engaging games in Party Rooms.

Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages are now included in this application. You can change language in English, Russian, French, Arabia and Vietnamese. Now no language barrier would stop you from talking to anyone. This app has more features like real time translation into mentioned languages. If anyone does not speak your language, real time translation will save your day.

Membership Subscription

Membership Subscription comes in two types. Regular Subscription and Superior Subscription. You get several thousand diamonds upon joining VIP batch. In Regular, you get 20,000 diamonds upon subscription and in superior it gets as high as 50,000 diamonds upon joining. Each time you recharge you get 5% to 10% diamonds eventually which you can spend to access VIP users and talk to them.

Location Sharing

This app does track your location if you permit it to do so. It uses your location to enhance your search criteria for your online friends. It’s in you with you can keep the location Sharing on or keep it off. But don’t worry, it will not share your location publicly so you can keep your privacy intact.

Other Features

You can send gifts, use on screen effects and send diamonds as a good gesture to your favourite people online. Beauty cam modes and on screen camera filters are another added features to this application which makes it unique in its own. Every time you log in, you get diamonds for free up to 5-10 depending upon your frequency of usage.

Mod Features

Unlimited Party Rooms

To host a Party Room, you need to have diamonds to spend. But don’t you worry now, you have Party Room unlocked for as long as you want and you can enjoy your gossip and leisure time with your friends and participants up to 5. Party Rooms are always so fun.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are money in this application. So you spend diamonds to unlock or use different features and you earn by with purchasing or daily logins. But why you should spend your money now? This mod has unlimited diamonds in Chamet which you can use to connect with VIP Badge users or donate to anyone of your close friends.

No Ads

Ads are removed from mod version. So now if you open the app, use any feature, join or leave any session, you don’t have to wait to end the ads and continue the usage of Chamet. All kinds of ads are now removed and you can use this application without any stopping and interruptions.


Chamet is an online social media application which is rated number one in Top Grossing Application on Play Store. This is best application if you are bored or got sick of spending time alone. Now you can make friends online without any problem. Just a few steps of registration and you can start live sessions or join others to talk. Be it the chatting or voice call, it’s free to use and if you are done listening to voices, you can switch to Video Calls as well. It is free to download and easy to use. Download Now!


Q. Does Chamet mod apk share your live location?

No, Chamet mod apk does not share your live location. However, it tracks it for your personalised use.

Q. Does Chamet mod apk AI or fake users?

No, all users are registered and real streaming or chatting in real time. You don’t have to worry about getting tricked by an AI robot online.

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