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Jun 30, 2023
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Brawl Stars Mod APK – Fast-paced mobile 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale! Play solo or with buddies in three minutes.

About Brawl Stars

Surely you have known Supercell, the publisher which has produced many famous games around the world such as Clash of Clans, Hay Day or Clash Royale. In addition to the survival games, MOBA games on mobile are still popular with the number of players giant is constantly increasing day by day.

Brawl Stars is a popular multiplayer action game developed by Supercell, available on iOS and Android devices. It belongs to the mobile battle arena genre and features fast-paced, strategic gameplay.


In Brawl Stars, players compete in real-time multiplayer battles against other players or bots in different game modes. Each player controls a unique character, known as a “Brawler,” with their own set of abilities and powers. The goal is to defeat the opposing team and collect the most points, coins, or gems depending on the game mode.

Game Modes

Brawl Stars features a variety of game modes, including:

  • Gem Grab: In this mode, players compete in teams to collect and hold onto gems to reach a certain number of gems before the other team.
  • Showdown: In this mode, players fight in a free-for-all battle, where the last brawler standing wins the game.
  • Heist: In this mode, players must attack and defend a safe from the opposing team. The attacking team tries to destroy the safe, while the defending team tries to protect it.
  • Brawl Ball: In this mode, players compete in a soccer-like game where they try to score goals while defending their own goal.
  • Bounty: In this mode, players must defeat opponents to earn stars. The team with the most stars at the end of the game wins.


Brawl Stars has a variety of unique characters, each with their own abilities and strengths. There are currently over 40 brawlers in the game, and each has its own set of skills, weapons, and attributes that make them suitable for different game modes.


Players can customize their brawlers with various skins, power-ups, and upgrades. These upgrades enhance the brawler’s stats and make them more powerful in battles.

Graphics and Sound

Brawl Stars features colorful graphics, and the characters are designed in a cartoonish style. The sound effects and music add to the immersive gameplay, creating an exciting and engaging atmosphere.

Social Features

Brawl Stars also has social features that allow players to team up with friends, join clubs, and compete in special events. Players can also communicate with their teammates using in-game chat.

Overall, Brawl Stars is an entertaining and addictive mobile battle arena game that offers a unique and engaging experience for players.

MOD APK version of Brawl Stars

MOD features

  • Unlimited Resources
  • All Skins Available
  • All Brawlers Available
  • Dozens Of Maps
  • Unlimited EveryThing
  • PvP Online Working
  • Just like our other private server MOD versions, you will not be able to join PvP with other players in the original version.

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