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In the playstore there are many games like arcade, action, racing and many more games but have you ever tried the business game category?

No then you should try this one because this game is totally different from all the playstore games. This game is for business lovers who love to bid on different items.

All you have to do is to participate in auctions. There would be some people in the game who bought warehouses on rent and put their items there.And when they are not able to pay the rent, the owners will start doing auctions and sell their items.

You have to purchase those items for your pawnshop to earn some profit. This is how you will earn and then be able to buy the items of auctions.

What is Bid Wars Apk?

Bid Wars apk is a game for business lovers. You have to play this game with full strategy and for this you have to use your mind.

Basically this is a mind game, there would be many other players present in the auction and you have to defeat all of them by making strategy and buying all the unique items.

But remember to buy only the best and unique items, don’t waste your money on useless items.

What is Bid Wars Mod Apk?

This is the mod version of bid wars which will help you in the game like if you don’t have money you can download this version and it will give you unlimited money.

You will also experience many other features of mod which you will definitely love.

Participation in Auctions

So this game is not only about watching auctions, in this game you also have to do some serious auctions.

So the process is simple; you just have to participate in different auctions.

There will be many people in different auctions and you have to give defeat to all of them, this process would be a little bit harder.

Plenty of Warehouses

Warehouses are used to put all the objects of businesses. In this game you have to find different warehouses for auction from all over the world so you can bid as much as you can.

You need to give this game a proper time so you can find the most unique and best items in the auctions.

Your Own Pawnshop

You are buying things from the auction, have you thought about what you have to do with them? I’ll tell you.

So you have to buy things for your small pawnshop which will help you in earning money.

This is why you have to gather unique things because you have to sell them in your pawnshop which will give you profit money.

To add more fun in this game they have added one more thing that is you can now play games with your friends and family.

Online Players

Also you will have some random players available so can also play with them.

The players can be from all over the world. So you can make friends all over the world through this game.

Money Without Any Limit

For buying things in auction you have to earn money which you can do by selling the purchased items in your pawnshop.

Which is a bit of a long process and you cannot do this every time but the auction is the thing that you can do easily every time.

So this mod version has a feature of unlimited money. They will give you unlimited coins from which you can do more and more auctions.

You can now buy expensive things in just a minute.

Unlocked Many Items

So the mod version has unlocked so many items of the game which are locked in the original version.

Just because you can try each and everything of this game and enjoy.

No Promotions

This game is offering you a game which doesn’t have any kind of promotion ads.

This is the best part of the mod version because there would be no ads to disturb your game and to ruin your mood.

So you can play ad free through the mod version.


This game is unique and different from other useless games. If you are looking for something different then go for the mod version of this game you will get some additional features in that version which you will definitely love.

So try this unique strategy game which will make you more interested in business.

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