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Another Eden is a perfect game for anime lovers. Japan has a strong fan base of anime and the sole reason of people being crazy over it is because anime has some great storylines, deep tales, and an addictive gameplay, hence people are crazy over it.

A deep storyline

As we said that anime games have a deep storylines. This game revolves a brother and a sister who are acquired with special power that could be detrimental for the human race, and a autocrat leader abducted one of the brothers to use him as a source of fulfilling his evil needs.

Rescue your sister

Now, your only job you have is to save your brother from the autocrat who has abducted your brother and you are not only supposed to save him, but the whole community from his evil and despotic shadow.

Solve missions

As you progress in this game, you have to solve different missions in order to get closer to your sister. The more you get closer to your sister, the more hurdles and difficulties you will have to face.

Be in present, past and future

This game allows you to be in present, past and future. In short, your character will be revolving around very time period. You can either be in the present, or in the past or in future. This game covers all time dimensions.

Buy weapons

You can buy weapons and other weaponries which will help you to defeat the enemies and save your sister. You can complete the mission and get money from it and from that money you can easily buy different ammunitions.

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